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Left-handed EASYgraph pencils from Stabilo

We like Stabilo in Germany because they often consider us left-handers when creating their wide range of writing products and have a history of producing special left-handed versions.  

We have produced our own Left-Handed Pencils for many years, with our slogan “It’s a left-handed thing….you wouldn’t understand”, printed so that it can only be read when using the pencil in the left hand. (watch the video here for a full explanation!)  

Stabilo have recently extended their range & these pencils now come in 2 body sizes. The thicker ones (the original EasyGraph) with a 3.15mm HB lead and now a new Slim version aimed at older children and adults and with a finer 2.2mm HB lead. Both are available in 3 colours and in either a box of 6 pencils or on a card of 2 pencils.
Use this link to see more information and order your Stabilo left-handed pencils

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One comment on “Left-handed EASYgraph pencils from Stabilo
  1. Keith says:

    These pencils have been really popular with children – they love it that they have something specially left-handed made for them.