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Stabilo Easy Gel Rollerball Pen left handed

Stabilo gel pen

The Stabilo Easy range of ergonomic pens and pencils have been a huge hit with children of all ages and now they have released a more adult version of the pens in a gel rollerball model with a click action rather than the removable cap – and there is a special left-handed version with left-hand rubber moulded grip finger positions!

Available in Blue, Lilac and Green it comes with blue ink and there are refills available in blue or black.

Unfortunately Stabilo have decided to stop producing this item

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5 comments on “Stabilo Easy Gel Rollerball Pen left handed
  1. Claire says:

    I like the pen, but I stil get ink down the side of my hand.

  2. Sean Curto says:

    I’m new to Left handed writing. I have a brain tumor in the motor and speech area of my brain. I like the pen.

  3. Laura says:

    Having tried this pen, it’s a pleasure to write with. Doesn’t smear onto my left hand, comfortable to hold, and as a nurse I must have a retractable pen. This is it. I buy the refills in black. In all, it’s the best pen I’ve used.

  4. Paul says:

    I have always used Parker Tball cartridges in my pens. Liking the fatter ones too. I have tried the gels but am not happy with the ink. Also since what I write often gets photocipied I must use a black ink or the writing fades too much. Looks cool but sticking to tried and true. FWIW it has to be a true Parker and not a “parker compatible”.

  5. Sherrie says:

    I have the cap version of this pen and love it! And would love to try this click version