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Stabilo Easy Colouring pencils left-handed

Stabilo colouring pens left handedStabilo have also created some sets of left-handed colouring pencils with ergonomic grip cutouts and again made a special left-handed version with the positions for thumb and forefinger moved to suit us lefties. In this set of 12 they have included a fully left-handed pencil sharpener and even taken the trouble to reverse the printing direction on the left-handed pencils so the wording reads correctly when held in the left hand.

Congratulations to Stabilo on continuing to make a real effort to make their range work for lefthanders!

The left-handed pencils are also available as a set of 6 (without the pencil sharpener) and as a set of 6 normal graphite pencils.
Click here to see our video on the set of 12 pencils
and click one of these links to order
Set of 12 colouring pencils
Set of 6 colouring pencils
Set of 6 graphite pencils

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