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This is a list of all the pages and posts in our information site – the numbers in brackets are the number of visitor comments on the item.

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One comment on “Sitemap – Info pages
  1. Ron Smith says:

    So many “experts” have written volumes about the cause of left handedness, and the effects of it too. In reality who cares? A lefty is a better bowler ..generally a better tennis player, a better home run hitter and a better baseball pitcher. Imagine life without Steve Carlton or Tug McCraw? Babe Ruth or Willie Stargell? For that matter what would we do without Bill Clinton, George Bush, or Barak Obama?

    I have never seen this website and feel blessed to be here and share my thoughts about something as vital as being a Southpaw. Which I explained to someone the other day how that name came to be and they didn’t believe me! The only things I do with the wrong hand are sharpen a pencil and send morse code. I’m proud to do it all left handed!

    Hey Leftie! I’m proud to be on your team!
    Ron Smith WQFX FM Russell, Pa