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Other instruments

This page is for any information we come across on other instruments not covered on a specific page in our music section. it is also for you to add your own comments and ideas for things you would like us to follow up.

If there is sufficient interest or information about a particular instrument or group of intruments, we will create a dedicated page for it.

Please add your comments and ideas below.


The harp is one of the most ancient musical instruments and it is totally symmetrical! In other words, the strings are traditionally in the middle and   you can play on them with both hands. Modern harps tend to be “right handed” by putting the upper end of the strings to the left side of the harp, but even these instruments can be considered as ambidextrous. So the harp is a nice example of symmetry, helping every musician regardless of handedness.

If you are a harp player or know more about this please add your information as a comment below.

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