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Left Handed Crossword

We have a few comments from people that it is annoying trying to do crosswords where the clues are to the left of the puzzle grid.   We wondered if left-handers would find it easier than right-handers to do a crossword with the clues on the right and also with the answers running from right to left?

Here is a crossword that we put together for one of our newsletters – you can print this page and have a go at it yourself. For an added challenge, try to complete all the answers in mirror writing!   Let us know how you get on by adding a comment at the bottom.   We would also be interested to know how right-handers get on with it.

Left handed crossword

If you want a larger version of this to print, use this link or click the image to display a much bigger version of the image in a new browser window.

If you are stuck you can see the solution to this crossword here

If you come across any other left-handed puzzles or can make something yourself that is better than ours, please add a comment below or contact us and we will add it to the site.
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Making crossword layouts is more complicated than it appears and we didn’t actually follow all the rules in our example above.   Making crossword puzzles – the strict rules.

Other “Left Handed” Crosswords

This is an interesting variation – an online crossword where all the answers can be typed using only the left hand – on the left half of the computer keyboard.

Crossword with answers typed only left handed


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10 comments on “Left Handed Crossword
  1. Mia Lowman says:


  2. Marion Berry says:

    Enjoyed doing the crossword very much. Have always had the ability to read and write backwards and used to do it at work as a party trick! Right handers couldn’t see how I could do it.

  3. Toni says:

    Clues on the Right side YES! Letters reversed? didn’t think I would like it but surprised at how easy it was for me to do. So many left handed people react negatively to the suggestion that things could be done left handed; as if the fact they were willing to “adjust” to a right handed world makes doing things left handed “less than”. It doesn’t. There is no need to be so negative or off putting with comments about these things.

  4. Steve says:

    It has never annoyed me that crosswords were set up the other way but it would be nice if they were set up your way so I wouldn’t have to move my hand to see the clues. The backwards writing on the crossword is just plain retarded, its hard enough to complete one much less trying to do it backwards.
    I think Alan Hail doesn’t think things thru objectively one of the guys who commented. Putting the clues to the right of the puzzle makes total sense for a left-hander but just not that important for me to get excited over.
    Has anyone heard of the “Left-Handed Brewing Co.”? I’m gonna try one of there beers this weekend, have fun and look that up.

  5. Cindy says:

    Having the clues printed on the right hand side is nice
    But after all the years working with it as they usually are…well…I have adjusted

    The mirror image writing ….no
    I do not believe writing backwards would catch on with the majority : /

  6. Alan Haile says:

    This is stupid, I don’t write backwards. Why are you suggesting that left handed people should write words backwards? Why does it make any difference which side the clues are on anyway? It doesn’t to me. I have never had any problem with writing and cannot understand why any other left handed person should.

  7. Mary says:

    I love the left-handed crossword. I find writing “backwards” just as easy as writing “forwards”. Just as the left-handed clock face is easier to read – my brain heaved a sigh of relief when I first encountered one!

  8. diana says:

    i really could do without the mirror-image lettering but love having the clues on the right (correct!) side.

  9. Geoff says:

    having spent 50 years with ordinary crossword puzzles the left handed one somehow seems very awkward.