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Lefty Product Videos

Click on any of the links below to see our detailed videos explaining the benefits of properly designed left-handed equipment. You can also see product demonstration videos on a lot of the category and product pages in our online shop.

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Posts with product information videos included:

Left-Handers Discovery Set

This short video demonstrates 8 of our most popular products and explains why they are left-handed.

Click here to see our Left-Handers Discovery Set and save 25% on the individual product prices

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One comment on “Lefty videos
  1. Nancy Martin says:

    Many years ago I bought a left handed can opener from your shop in Beak St in soho but it got lost in the mists of several house moves. I recently purchased one from you and ……
    It was like meeting an old friend !
    Now I am 69 years old with Peripheral Neuropathy and have dreadful trouble opening bottles, cans, even plastic bags so depend on my carers to see to my needs.
    Can you imagine the looks on two of them when I whirled round the morning tin of tuna, for my two moggies, at top speed ! It was a pleasure to use it !