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Left handed mouse

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43 comments on “Left handed mouse
  1. Lucsan says:

    I am left-handed computer professional and gamer and have always used the mouse in my left hand. For shared computers simply add a second mouse, one on each side of the keyboard, both will work. Use a left hand mouse which does not require the OS to be informed (or otherwise as desired).

    Of the two defunct mice mentioned above, the logitech (I have a couple of these) is left handed out of the box, the cherry requires the OS switch.

    I also use a logitech g300 (ambidextrous mouse) this has 3 modes and is programmable. You can set one of the modes to be right handed (or left). I often use this with the g13 keypad (for gaming) while right handed (ie: expected to be used with the mouse in the right hand), as long as you don’t really need the mini-joystick the main keyboard is ambidextrous. It is also programmable, so great for those mining crafting games where you can setup a chop chop move, chop chop move sequence on a single key.

  2. oscar says:

    While being for us lefties the build quality is poor use cheap plastics ive had 3 the little bits break inside on clickers have the middle wheel not working properly on one have now it did come apart so had to glue back together one day so think could either have been done by shop as could see where it joins(screws under slider pads) they’d been glued looked like S glue.
    Most expensive part is the packaging and if spent more on item instead of blah blah and fancy box it might be still on my desk.
    RMA’ing it soon as first thought it was one i’d got new in box on flea bay so they gave me corporate B/S which don’t wash with me then remembered it was one id got from yoyo tech but now gone bust so they wound there neck in and emailed me a rma form so now looking else where.
    the mouse does work ok but as something that’s moving and loose item on desk has to take some knocks my old logitech was solid and very well built so no excuses.