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Finding sources for left-handed products

There are some items that we do not currently have manufacturers for but would like to stock.   If you know a source for any of these items or are a manufacturer who may be able to produce them for use, please add a comment to this page or get in touch.

Also, if there are any products you would like us to stock but are not currently in our online left-handed shop, please add them as a comment below as well and we will see what we can do.

Please make sure you do a search of our online left-handed shop first, as we do have a lot of things covered already!

Items we would like to find sources for

Note that we do individual posts for some of these items where we have more information available and you can use this link to see the list of posts about left-handed products requests and comment on individual items.

  • Left handed camera
  • Left handed digital video camera
  • Left handed meat mincer
    The kind that either clips onto the edge of a work surface or has a suction cup underneath
  • Left handed meat slicer (with a circular blade)
  • Left handed dinner knife
  • Left handed cutting board
  • Left handed pastry fork
  • Left handed pie slice (with cranked handle)
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6 comments on “Items wanted
  1. Ros Sanders says:

    G’Day from Australia..
    I was looking through your products list and thought
    “There isn’t a little metal badge or lapel pin available for lefties to wear.” How about the graphic you have with the left thumb raised?
    I know I would, I’m proud to be a leftie.

  2. C. B. says:

    would like to see a left haned keyboard where the number pad is not only located on the left, but the #’s are reversed to make it truly a left keyboard. Then we can use the same fingers on a left # keypad as we do on a right # key pad

  3. Barbara Nielsen says:

    I would like a left handed portfolio or stiff folder to hold a pad of paper and a pen for a briefcase or a purse.

  4. June says:

    a left handed touch pad computer keyboard. I’ve searched for a computer keyboard that is wireless and has a touchpad on the left side. There aren’t any, just the one on the right side.

  5. Sharyn says:

    Left handed wallets and handbags that u can drape over left shoulder??

  6. Irene Power says:

    I would definitely like to see pastry forks and cake slices for us – it is so annoying when you go out and cannot use the cake fork.