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The Award Winning Yoropens

Have you ever found writing awkward, strenuous, uncomfortable or even painful. If the answer is yes, you are not alone. Let me assure you that we receive many calls every week from customers needing advice on ways to make their lives easier.

The ergonomically designed Yoropen is a writing marvel that will allow you to write smoothly and more comfortably, overcoming many of the problems our customers currently experience. We guarantee that once you have tried our range of Yoropens you will be amazed at how they can improve your writing, whatever level you are at.

The improved ease and comfort achieved with the Yoropen makes it ideal for writing over sustained periods such as exams, for teaching children to write and for those with handwriting difficulties or disabilities. Scroll down to find out how it works.

How The Yoropen works

The pen is angled to ensure that you can clearly see what you are writing as your hand does not obstruct your field of vision. The offset portion prevents fingers from slipping down towards the pen tip, allowing for a more relaxed grip and so improving posture, saving energy and reducing writing strain.

The animations below have been provided by Yoropen and show a right-handed writer, but the principles are the same when held in the left hand.

Writing position

The Yoropen has a rubber tripod grip that can be rotated until you find your most comfortable writing position.

The offset angle of the tip will allow the pen tip and paper to work at the optimum angle so that the ball and ink can flow freely when writing.

Visual Space

The angle of the pen ensures that the fingers do not obstruct the field of vision. The writer can clearly see what he/she is writing.

Especially for children who are learning to write, the Yoropen will not only help them to write precisely, but will also help to avoid discomfort and pain caused by poor posture. Moreover, left-handers will be far less likely to smudge their writing when using a Yoropen.

Adjustable grip

The special tripod grip is different from the one on traditional pens. It can be rotated and let the writer to find his/her preferred writing position.

The users can adjust the angle of the pen and reposition the fingers on the grip to create a better writing style and therefore have more fun in writing.


Here’s what our customers say

“My handwriting has improved and my mum really likes it . With an ordinary pencil you cannot see what you are writing, but with Yoro you can!” Natalie aged 7

I was introduced to the Yoropen and have discovered that many children, particularly left-handed users have found it helpful. I have received comments such as, “I feel that I can sit up straight and see and not get backache” and “I found this pen very easy to write with and did not need to move the paper as much”.’ The main benefits for left-handed users seem to be associated with being able to see what they are writing, resulting in evenly spaced writing and the fact that the Yoropen offers more comfort and less pain.
Laura Barnett
Paediatric Specialist Speech and Language Therapist

“Just want to tell you how happy I am with the Yoropen set I ordered. It came in 2 days – wow!
I am an occupational therapist and I work with a boy with a finger deformity.
This pencil gives him a wonderful shelf to put his finger on – his grip is more stable and his control will definitely improve using this! Thank you!”
Kathleen M. Murray, Massachusetts USA

Product Details


Yoropen Superior Yoropen Refillable Ballpoint Pen

This is a high quality version of the ball pen that has refills available. It comes in Blue with blue ink or Black with black ink and each pen comes with one ink refill in it plus a spare of the same colour.

Use this link to find out more and order

Yoropencil Yoropen Pencil

The same great design in a pencil format with replaceable HB lead units (there are 9 spares stored in the body of the pencil that are pushed through as needed). Available with a Blue or Pink plastic body.

Use this link to find out more and order

Yoropencil Mini Yoropen Mini Pencils

A smaller version of the pencil and with softer 2B lead units for younger children (this is a set of two pencils, one blue and one purple)

Use this link to find out more and order

Yoropen Awards

Yorpen awards

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8 comments on “Yoropens
  1. Keith says:

    Just click the link and order one!

  2. Keith says:

    Because so many of our members are from countries round the world other than the UK, when we used to show price sin £ Sterling we had a huge number of emails saying “Why don’t you show prices in [My Currency]”. So we decided not to show thenm but to let people click through to the relevant web page where they can also choose the display currency and get an accurate current rate.

  3. Ted Elwes says:

    This looks a great concept. Now lefthanded calligraphers and draughtsmen like me need Yoropen to produce calligraphy pens which will work with ink. We can get pens with oblique nibs, and sometimes felt pens .
    Yoropen should co-operate with a company like Pilot to produce pens using the pilot “Parallel” pen system in their shape concept. Also they could get nib units etc from Manuscript pens.
    draughtsmen, cartographers designers etc(and Left handers are more creative) need pens for very fine lines from 0.1 mm thick. Yoropen could get together with Rotring or Unipin for those.

    • Elizabeth Mullaney says:

      I agree with toy Ted Elwes. I am an artist that uses pastels, colored pencil, graphite and ink pen. I would love to see them partner with art supply manufacturers. I have seen several statistical results on studies of the handedness of artists. They always reported 95.5%-97% if drawing and painting artists were left handed. It’s an untapped market that’s a pretty sure bet. If I were a business woman, I’d have started a left handed art supply company myself. How about you? Any business acumen and knowledge of finding investors?

  4. Elise says:

    I want to try this. It’s so clever 😉

  5. Lino says:

    In a rtleead vein, and I LOVE it thinking about applying it myself (except everyone I know was against prop 8, so the point is lost, but still)

  6. Loretta says:

    It is rather ironic that 3 of the 4 hands shown in your illustrations are right hands!!!

  7. dyl says:

    very good pen, i bought one and is very good for the left handed.