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The new Stabilo Easy pen
Plus great Rollerball and Fibretip Styles

Stabilo 'S Move in use The funky, freaky pen that looks the part, writes like a dream and is great fun to use. Unusually, the pen has been made with a special left handed version with the grip moulded for a comfortable fit in the left hand. Top marks to Stabilo for looking after the left-handers for a change!

With its exchangeable rollerball tip, which is new after each refill, the Stabilo ‘S Move Easy glides perfectly over the paper ­ and it can be erased with a fountain pen eraser just like normal fountain pen ink.

Thanks to its extra-soft grip area, the ‘S Move easy is always comfortable to use. It also looks so special because its shape fits perfectly into your hand, making sure you feel extremely comfortable while you write.

Stabilo S Move pen


You can buy all the styles of the great new ‘S Move Easy pen in our on-line shop now.

Why is it left-handed?

The new Stabilo ‘S Move Easy Left-Handed Rollerball is a very exciting development in pen design for left-handers. By carefully studying the most comfortable and efficient position for the left-hand to write most effectively and then moulding the pen body to exactly fit that position, Stabilo have created a pen which remains perfectly placed whilst writing, with little or no effort, and requiring the lightest of grip on the moulded rubber fingerplate. Anything Left-Handed are delighted to launch this pen in the UK and recommend it highly both as a training aid for teaching children to write, and as a comfortable and stylish pen for adult left-handers to enjoy.

Right-handed version

We have had so much demand for this pen from families with left- and right-handed children that we have stretched our normal rules and started stocking the right-handed version as well. You can purchase these in our online shop now.

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2 comments on “Stabilo pens
  1. Maura Macklin says:

    I got very excited when I saw pens for Lefties and was going to buy the Stabilo pen until I realised it is blue ink. The Health service requires us to use black ink so reports etc can be photocopied.
    I’m sure other organisations have the same requirement!