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Our knives are manufactured in Italy by a specialist, high quality, knife manufacturer. If you find a significantly lower cost “left handed” knife on the market, it will either not be truly left handed and / or will be manufactured in somewhere like China from inferior quality steel.

We believe that you should only need to buy a knife once – so the Everest range of knives with blue handles carry a Lifetime Guarantee against faulty workmanship or defects in materials (subject to correct usage and cleaning).

The majority of mass produced knives on the market are double bevelled (see diagram) – moving the cut food away from the knife on both sides – unfortunately this often results in an uncomfortable twisting motion for left handers (as well as food that is not cut straight!).

So, when you look at most mass produced knives you see a sort of V shaped edge —two slanting sides – which form the double bevel below.

By using a single bevel on the right hand side of the blade (as you hold the knife in your left hand) & only sharpening / serrating the knife on the bevelled edge, our knives give left handers a straight clean cut which directs the cut food away on one side of the knife only. That’s what makes a knife truly left handed.

Our knives may look similar to mass produced knives (especially our bread knife) but when you try the knives out you will notice how much quicker & easier it is to cut products in a straight line.

They are the culmination of nearly 60 years of experience in manufacturing products for left handers.

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