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Prince William wants George to be left-handed

It has been reported that Prince William (a left-hander himself) wants his son George to be left-handed as well “so he can be a brainbox”. This follows a commonly held belief that left-handers are more intelligent than right-handers and that a disproportionate number of scientists, artists, musicians and world leaders are left-handed.

Tracing the left-handers in George’s royal bloodlines is difficult as a lot of them were made to change as children and were not “openly” left-handed.  Queen Victoria (1837-1901) is widely reported as being naturally left-handed and, while she wrote with her right hand, she painted with her left, which is a good sign of a forced change.

George VI (1936-52) was famously made to change from his natural left to write right-handed by his very strict father George V.  This resulted in many problems for the man later to become King on the abdication of his brother, including a severe stutter that became the subject of the the film “The King’s Speech”.  George was so upset by this that he is reported to have told his daughter Elizabeth (our current Queen) that forcing children to change hands must stop.  (the picture shows King George playing tennis at Wimbledon – with his natural left-hand of course)

Prince Charles has been reported as being a lefthanders but he writes and performs most other activities with his right and, given the stricture from George VI, it is unlikely he was changed so he must be a natural right-hander.  Princess Diana was also right-handed (though her father John Spencer was left-handed so there are plently of left-handed genes floating around).  Prince William has been openly left-handed from an early age, but his brother Harry is right-handed.

Prince George was born on 22 July 2013 so is only just over a year old and not giving obvious clues like writing left-handed yet!  However, we know from our own children that there are definite tendencies that indicate the hand the child is going to prefer from a very young age, and maybe Wiliam has become aware of this.  George was certainly picture sucking his left thumb as a baby.

There is certainly a good line of left-handed King Georges – 3 of the last 5 have been left-handed so the new Prince George would make it 4 out of 6 (George II 1727-60, George IV 1820-30, George VI 1936-52).

We will watch with interest as young Prince George develops and see if he will become a champion for his fellow lefthanders.

If anyone has more information on the handedness of the Royal Family, please add a comment below.

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