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Positive Left-Handed Emojis!

Left handed emoji is positiveEmojis are the small icons you can add on your phone to text messages and other places and I notice the other day that on my iPhone the icon for a “thumbs up” is left-handed and for a “thumbs down” is right handed!
It is more normal for anything with a positive message to be done right-handed and use left-handed for negative things, so this was a nice surprise.
Have you seen any other places where images with a left hand are used for a positive meaning?
Add your thoughts and links to any you find as comments below.
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6 comments on “Positive Left-Handed Emojis!
  1. Joey says:

    The Thumbs up Emoji has always been Right handed, it changed to the left hand in 2017, there is no coincidence, they changed it to show political support

  2. Bob Schwalbaum says:

    I am an 86-year old 100% lefty

    In my long years the ONLY problem I ever had was with M1 Garand rifle.
    It is DEFINITELY not made for left-handed shooters

    As for the .45 CAL pistol.. NO PROLEM.. as that is fired two-handed

  3. JR says:

    Hey! I’m not agree with your post because if you approach your hand to the screen and to the Emojis, you can see that it’s like a mirror. For example, the white hand on top of the image it’s your right hand doing the same gesture. And the ‘yellow hand’ is your left hand.

    If I don’t approach the hands to the screen and I make the hands’ gestures to myself, you’re right πŸ™‚

    So that depends on the point of view you’re seeing your hands.

    Greetings from a left-hander πŸ˜€

  4. Sue Kitchen says:

    Positive is good, but one thing I realised is that because I am left handed when I buy a coffee the heart/leaf or other symbol in the foam is usually the wrong way up. I have taken to saying “Can you do the heart the other way up for me please?”. Usually happy to oblige. If you don’t ask…

  5. Will says:

    I LOVE the left-handed positive emoji! We need more of this LEFT ON!

  6. Margui says:

    I have not notice that before, so it’s great for us. There’s so negative stuff towards the left side. Besides, it’s time for some archaic themes be left where they belong, in the past.