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Payment problems and currency issues

We sometimes get questions from customers who have had a problem with getting a card payment completed on our website or have queries about currency issues – so here are the answers:

Card rejected on our site because of incorrect data

Our system will check that you have entered a valid card number and expiry date and highlight the entry cell if that is a problem.   The banking system will also validate the card information against your account, checking that the address and postcode you have entered as your billing address match your card account details.

Payment not authorised by YOUR card provider / bank

Our system contacts YOUR card provider to make sure they are going to authorise the payment and if it is rejected, that is out of our control and there is nothing we can do about it from our side.   Possible reasons are:

  • Insufficient funds or credit available for the card
  • An overseas transaction being blocked by your bank’s rules
    In this case, you can normally phone your card provider and tell them about the transaction with Anything Left Handed and the amount and they will pre-authorise it so that it will then clear OK in our checkout
  • The card not being of a type that is accepted by our payment authorisation system (e.g. Amex and Diners – use the Paypal sytem for these, see below; some “virtual” cards and numbers)
  • Some other reason your bank wants to check the transaction with you before paying

If the payment is not authorised, we will still get a copy of your order and will follow it up with an email advising you of the issues and what to do about it.

What can you do to complete the payment?

  • If the card or address details are incorrect, please go back and amend them and try again
  • Try a different card (if you have a VISA or Mastercard they rarely cause problems)
  • Use the Paypal payment method – either using your Paypal account if you have one or just entering your card details using the link on their screen (you do not need to have or set up a Paypal account to pay securely by card using their system)
  • Email us enquiries [at] anythinglefthanded dot co dot uk (change to format) with your card details and we will try to process it in our direct access terminal (spread the details over three separate emails giving card number, expiry date and 3-digit security code in different emails).
  • Email us to let us know the problem and we will try to find a way round it.
  • We can accept cheques in Pounds Sterling drawn on a UK bank, Pounds Sterling cash (though we cannot we responsible for any losses in the post) or a bank transfer to our UK account as long as you cover all the costs for both sides of the transaction
  • We cannot accept checks in US Dollars or other currencies or checks drawn on banks outside the UK.

Currency issues

We display prices and shopping baskets in £ Sterling with a facility to choose your own currency as well (just click one of the flags at the top right of our shop pages or click the Change Display Currency” link to see a full list of currencies available and select your own) .   The conversions are based on current rates sourced from multiple feeds on a daily basis.   The rates used are known as spot rates or interbank rates and should be a reliable guide to the actual rates you will be charged by your card company.

We will send your order confirmation email and charge your card in £ Sterling and, if appropriate, your credit card company will convert at their current rate to your local currency. You should see our company name and both the £ Sterling and local currency amounts on your credit card statement. This is exactly the same process that happens if your use your card in a shop or restaurant outside your own country.

Note that the rate your card company use to convert the amount for your card statement may be slightly different to what was on our site, but it should be pretty close.   We do not make any charges for using a credit card whatever currency your account is in and it is unlikely your card company will make a charge either.

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