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Notability App has a Left-Handed Mode

Notability App with left-handed mode

We were very impressed to see that the Notability app from Ginger Labs includes a left-handed mode that changes the way the “palm rest” works. This feature allows you to drag up an area at the bottom of the screen where you can rest your palm while making a handwritten note to stop your hand making unwanted marks on the screen. In left-handed mode, you can drag the palm rest down from the top of the screen instead and the toolbars also move from top the to the bottom of the screen. This is useful if you write left-handed with a “hook style” and need to rest your palm above your writing line.

Has anyone else noticed any other new apps or technologies out there that take us lefties into consideration?

Leave us a comment below with any other products you know about

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4 comments on “Notability App has a Left-Handed Mode
  1. Kate Gladstone says:

    There’s a similar feature — but even better — in the iPad app Notes Plus. You can select from among FOUR forms of palm protection: left hand with straight wrist,meet hand with curved worst, right hand with straight wrist, and right hand with curved wrist — and all four fu cations are there because I asked the developer to put them there.
    Yes, curved-wrist right-hand writers do exist. Although curved-wrist writers are only 1-2 percent of the right-handed population, compared with over half of the left-handed population, in terms of absolute numbers of persons there are — world-wide — about as many curved-wrist righties as curved-wrist lefties.
    Unexpectedly, the curved-wrist right-handlers are of relevance to the study of left-handers. Here is why: Brain research on curved-wrist writers — both right- and left-handed — has revealed that those who persistently adopt this writing position (despite all efforts to facilitate a conventional straight-wrist position) turn out to have the language centers of their brains on the same side of the writing hand, instead of on the opposite side as is the case with most people. This appears, in such cases, to be inborn — as is, of course, handedness itself — and to be more common in families where there is a great deal of left- or mixed-handedness. (Citations on request.)

  2. Susan says:

    Guitar Tabs. Gives notes for left handed players

  3. iND says:

    “Trace ABC’s” is a handwriting app that has a left-handed font:

    On Apple:

    On Google Play:

  4. Janet Mulley says:

    My TomTom gives me the option to operate it left or right handed which I find very useful.