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Newsletter emails

From Tony:
Message: In this age of mistrust I am concerned that I am receiving newsletter emails purporting to be sent on behalf of but which are from . Whilst this name appears on a search through the site, the format of the messages since 6 August have been in plain text and do not look like the quality normally expected. Can you confirm these are from your site. Thanks

Keith says:
Thank you for taking the time to let me know about your concerns.

Yes, I can confirm the emails are from us and that we do use a service at to send out our club newsletters – lefthanders is the name of our Club Newsletter list on their system and emails show as being from lefthanders @ Now that we have over 70,000 Club members all round the world it is much too big a job for our own mail server to send the newsletter emails and that sort of volume triggers all the spam filters at our business ISP so we get a much better delivery rate using aweber.

Recently, we have been trialling sending a simple text newsletter by email with a link to the fully formatted version on our website. This is because a lot of email clients and ISPs were blocking the html “graphical” version and people were not receiving it. As the various email filters in the system get tighter, we are doing all we can to make sure our members actually receive the information we are trying to send.

We will be measuring the results of this and will use the most effective method of delivery as we go along.

We are also experimenting with an RSS feed so that people can subscribe and be automatically advised of our new content in their own feed reader, which will make things even better. However, this is still fairly new technology to most people and is not in common use.

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One comment on “Newsletter emails
  1. Chas Kenny says:

    Can you please tell me if your monthly newsletter is still being produced? I used to receive it on a regular but don’t appear to have had anything for several months.