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Suggestions for newsletter content

lhc newslettersWe produced a short survey in our October 2010 newsletter asking members about their preferences for the newsletter format and frequency.   You can see the results of that and the comments we received, but we also got some suggestions for future subjects to cover.   We will be working our way through them and if you offered to help we will contact you.

In the meantime, if you have any suggestions of your own or want us to tackle any of the subjects below as a priority please leave a comment on this post.




* sign language, miscellaneous situations a left-hander has to deal with
* spelling??? better or worse than others?
* Left vs. right handed pitchers in major league baseball (USA)
* Are left-handers more artistic than right handers because the right side of the brain is more effected???
* Not sure if I’m an “expert” on any area of interest, but I AM a graphic designer who received a COMBINED (not double major) degree in mathematics and fine arts (my senior thesis was an art show using math theory and this was in the mid-70s, before desktop or lap top computers were ubiquitous). I am lefthanded, but am in the wider mid-range of handedness, though I definitely strongly favor the lefty end of the spectrum. I’d be interested to know if others have had the experience I have of being a go-between (or interpreter) between left-brain and right brained people! While an officer in the Air Force, I spent a lot of time helping the computer programmers and computer users talk to one another — they just didn’t speak the same language! Have others experienced this in-the middle type of experience?
* Bee-keeping
* Paediatrics, HIV, Respiratory problems
* left-handers that use pc tablets left-handers that work with arts left-handers in sports
* I wouldn’t mind writing an article here and there.   Maybe at times I would also like to write articles on my own take and life as a left handed person.     Reading about someone else’s experience about being left handed would be fascinating for me.   Maybe others would also like to read how being left handed has helped or hindered them in their lives as well.   By the way, I’m not talking about readers’ comments.   I’m talking in the way of personal human interest articles having to do with our own lives. I also think it would be great to conduct a small poll in my apartment building and write in with the results. Thanks so much! Purrs, Catwoman=^..^= & Mija
* Unfortunately I have no area of specialism, apart from being a mother, however I am very interested in how being left handed and having dyspraxia may affect one another.
* –Lefty’s and Language Acquisition (Native and Foreign). How do we compare to right-handed and ambidextrous people.   –Lefty’s and the use of lefty tools/utensils/gadgets/etc…Is it really better, or are they used to the “right” way of doing things
* I’d be interested in how many people have a degree of ambidextrousness and to what extent.
* those who write left handed but do everything else right handed (i.e. cut scissors, throw, hammer, etc)
* computer and musical keyboards   blind access   (Not that I’m an expert in either – I just have a strong interest in them)
* I am one of those (few?) people for whom being left handed has not been a problem.     I was born in 1940 when many people still thought we should be changed, but not at my school.     Writing was never a problem but cutting along a drawn line with scissors definitely was. If you want me to write about my adaptability, I will try.
* I’m only a teenager so i’m not much help… but i’m a semi-pro photographer.   KEITH COMMENT – Hey – we ARE interested in the viewof teenagers on how being left-handed affects them!
* I am a stand up comedian and a left hander, how many of your members work in a creative job?
* I do some ropeworks and knot making. There are some difficulties, because all handbooks scources are for the right hand majority. Maybe I could tell about this hobby as a lefty..
* I make and sell beaded jewellery. A lot of kits are hard to do because they are written by right handers. I have taught in the past.
* Many – I’d be happy to write on a multitude of topics.
* I would like to contribute writing articles, but not now; but in a few months.
* Left handed celebrities (American and English)
* I am a left hander who was taught to write   right handed and who often got into trouble because of the way I wrote.   My writing is also a bit of a scrawl and I cannot write quickly.   I also suffer from Dyspraxia.
* Effects of being forced to write right handed and creativity in lefties as opposed to righties.
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5 comments on “Suggestions for newsletter content
  1. Steve Emberton says:

    I have to get my blood pressure checked every three months, and have a problem with the white coat syndrome, with this in mind I bought a BP home kit.
    Reading the instructions the cuff is placed on the left arm to take the reading, it occurred to me every time I have been to the doctors or the nurse the cuff is put on the right arm, this is because the desk and chair is always arranged right handed, I just wondered if anyone else had noticed this.

  2. Rhonda Mills says:

    How about left handed birth signs???? I am a Taurus, born May 18, 1955. I love astrology and would be curious of others birth signs. Maybe a link with all the signs and we could click on our sign???

  3. lynne says:

    Im a lefthanded grandmother with a lefthanded granddaughter, the things I have noticed people are fine about writing and playing sport left handed these days, but things like setting tables not only knives and forks but glass placement cups . Doing craft knitting sewing both hand embroidery and using a sewing machine, need extra concentration. I make quilts and have to think hard about placing and alining rulers correctly. One of my big gripes is doors on public buildings.

  4. Jennifer says:

    -I am a 59yr old left-hander whose left side was affected by a mild case of Polio at the age of 6. I am still predominantly left-handed but do a few things (cut, throw a ball, eat {both hands},) right-handed. I am wondering if there has been any studies on illness and handedness.
    -Also am curious about the percentage of left-handedness in the gay community.

  5. Barbara says:

    I am a lefty who rebeled against teachers who tried to make me a righty. But I am also ambidexterous and can do most things equally well with both hands. When I was a teen I could write with both hands at the same time although I admit that the lefthanded one was neater. I could also write upside down and backwards with both hands so that it could only be read when put up to a mirror. That took a lot of time to learn. That is how Da Vinci wrote his notes so I thought I would try it. It was fun. I find that I am creative and like to make crafts. Is that a lefty thing? I also take pride in my handwriting and like to make sure it is legible. How about some information about fellow people who are also ambidexterous and how they are fairing in the world. Also, how do you do the test to find out if you are right or left eyed. I have forgotten how to do it.

    Thank you for all the wonderful information and products you feature.