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New to left-handed scissors? Scissors not cutting?

This post applies to all types of left-handed scissors!

We occasionally have left handed dressmaking scissors returned by customers who say “they do not work” but the problem is usually not with the scissors themselves but is being caused by the way they are used. If you have always used right-handed scissors in your left hand (like the Fiskars ones that do not have the blades reversed) you will have got used to twisting the blades to push them together and make them cut. Proper left handed scissors have the blades fully reversed so the left blade is always on top and you can see your cutting line.   When you do the same thing with a true left-handed scissor, you are actually pushing the blades apart and the material will twist between the blades rather than cutting.

You just need to relax your hand, hold the scissors vertically and let the blades do their job without trying to manipulate them. If you are cutting thick material and need a bit more force in the cut, you need to make sure you are squeezing the blades together by pushing your left thumb to your right. The video below shows Keith cutting thick material with a pair of scissors that were returned as “not usable” and also explaining a bit more about how they work.

We have also heard that people who are having trouble using the scissors (because they are squeezing them wrongly as above) try to get over it by tightening the adjusting screw to force the blades together.   This may work for a short while but is not really a solution as it is making the scissors cut in an unnatural way and the screw will soon loosen itself again as the blades are not supposed to be that tight.   The real answer is to relax the hand and let the left-handed scissors do their work!

Customer comments

  • Original email: I recently had a pair of left handed dressmaking scissors delivered, unfortunately I have a slight problem with them.  I cut about 6 inches of material and have to stop and tighten the screw.  This is extremely annoying when   cutting large quantities of material.  I would appreciate your advice. After seeing this page: I have watched your video and it looks like I have been using them incorrectly. That’s what years of using right handed ones does for you.   Regards, Susan F, France
  • Original email: So sorry to tell you but those nail scissors are nothing like sharp enough   to cut my finger nails, which are normal except they split easily.   I have had to go back to right handed ones which I find difficult to use. After seeing this page: Thank you so much for your reply the video worked wonders! Many thanks, Elizabeth N, UK
  • Original email: I ordered your left-handed scissors years ago and I can’t use them. I have NO idea why. I am wondering if it is because of my age (75) and the fact that I got too used to the right-handed ones or what? After seeing this page: I watched your video and relaxed my hand and now I can use my scissors!!!!  Karen M, California, USA

You can see our full range of dressmaking scissors here:

and you can see our general video on left-handed scissors and cutting here   

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