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New Left handed corkscrew

We have recently commissioned a new left-handed corkscrew from one of the world’s foremost manufacturers in Germany. It is a high quality unit that comes in two stainless steel pieces that fit one inside the other for storage or travel and fit together beautifully for opening bottles and, of course, we have had it fitted with a left-handed, anti-clockwise screw thread so you can remove corks comfortably in your natural direction.

Left handed corkscrew stainless steel
The parts are beautifully engineered with the handle and hold it slides into slightly tapered so they lock together into a sold unit for opening bottles and can then be slipped apart again.

The corkscrew comes in a padded gift box and would make a great present for any left-handed wine lover. We only have an initial order of 50 of these and will not get more until 2011 so get in quick if you want one.


Why do you need a left-handed corkscrew?


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