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Thank you for joining the Left-Handers Club

Please check your email In Box for the confirmation email we have sent you

You should receive an email like this via our membership service at

email confirmation

We ask you to click the link in that email to confirm your email address and make sure it is really you that has joined and you will then receive a welcome message with links to your certificate and calendar and our regular newsletters.

You need to click the link in the verfication email to join the club –if you do not click it, you will not receive our newsletters and bonuses

Not Seeing Your Email?

It is possible our emails will be incorrectly filtered into a spam or other holding box by your ISP or email client. If you do not see an email from Left Handers Club in your inbox, please open your spam folder look for it there, open it and mark it as not spam.

GMAIL – look for your confirmation email under the “Updates” tab.

You may need to ‘Whitelist’ the Left Handers Club emails to make sure you receive them. Use this link to see detailed whitelisting instructions for most of the major ISPs and email clients.

If you do not receive a confirmation email, there may have been a problem with the email address that you entered – please return to the joining form and re-apply, checking your email address carefully. If you need to change or correct your email address or first name at any time, you can use the link in any of the emails we send you.

Thanks again for joining and we hope you enjoy being a member

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111 comments on “Club thank you
  1. Anne says:

    I’ve been a lefty for 55+ yes and have had to learn to do something’s right handed. My biggest problem came when my son started school his teachers forced him to be right handed and because of that they handicapped him so bad that he can’t read or write very good. He is 22 yes now and reads and writes at a second grade level. My message is Teachers need to stop forcing kids to be right handed.

  2. Constance M Woodard says:

    I have been a frustrated person all my life. From the teachers trying to change you to a right handed to scissors when I sew , the world is not set up for us brainiagics challene the world. Does anyone know of a catalog of product I can recieve for people who need products to challenge the world I would surely appriate on my facebook account sst Constance M Woodard

  3. Kylene Kleine says:

    General curiosity thought to see if others fit in my situation –

    My right arm is my stronger arm and I only use my left hand for eating, writing and brushing teeth. Everything else is done using my right hand/arm (including use of scissors, bowling, batting baseball or throwing basketball). Another weird thing to me is if I’m going to carry a bag/backpack, I always carry it on the left side.

    Are there others who experience this?

  4. Michael Mara says:

    I am that proof and have 76 years of experience. With the exception of nuns trying to change me to a right handler, the gall of these people. My experiences as a left handed lady have been positive.. Looking forward to this new chapter in my internet life. Regards MS.52W5

    • John rosado says:

      Right handed people are the problem of this world, just look at the wars, evil, pollution etc,.caused by righties!! Just because someone is right handed doesn’t mean they’re righteous!!

  5. Claudia says:

    I´ve lived my “lefthandeness” very freely, with no problem…with the exception of my school desk, which obviously was for right handed people everything has been very fine.
    this si fun!