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Left Handers Club Member Certificate

If you want to proclaim your proud membership of the Club for the elite 10%, why not print out your membership certificate to put up on your wall?

If you are not already a member of The Left Handers Club,
join free now:

Click here to download your Left handers Club membership certificate *

* This certificate is in pdf format and you will need Adobe Reader for it. If you don’t have it   on your computer click here for free download
* In most cases this will just work automatically by clicking on the certificate link but if not or it will not let you enter your name, you may need to right click on the certificate link above and then “Save link as…” to save the document as a PDF file on your own computer then open it using the Adobe Reader software.

Once you open the file in Acrobat Reader, just click in the light blue box in the middle to type your name then click the print icon at the top to set options and print your certificate.

Left Handers Club membership certificate

We are just trying out this new certificate with the option to add your own name before printing.   Please let us know if it is working OK for you by adding a comment below.
Problems with the name?   – If you click just above the underline where the name goes, can you type your name?
If not, you are probably using an old version of the Adobe PDF Reader software.
Check you have at least version 10 and if not download the latest version here


If you have just joined the Left-Handers Club, don’t forget to
click this link to download your Club Backwards Calendar

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180 comments on “LHC Member Certificate
  1. Lynda Allan M.B.E. says:

    Thank you for letting me join the International Left-handers Club.
    I am so glad to have found it.
    Keep up the good work

  2. Jean Longley says:

    The first thing I purchased from anything Lefthanded was from your shop and was a pair of pinking shears which have been my faithful companion in my sewing box ever since. I think it was even before I was married and that was 1975! So I could catch a bus direct to the shop! I visited many times and brought some items – some of which I have had to replace through old age (both the item and myself)! Plus two house moves!

  3. MIKE WRIGHT says:

    Certificate printing and download was successful!

  4. Nithi C J says:

    Thank you so much Lauren and Kieth!
    This is a great effort !!!

    Looking forward to more interactions

  5. Sue Hall says:

    Hi Lauren and Keith,
    Thank you for accepting me as a member. I was a member many years ago, in the days before I had a computer, and used to visit the shop in London. I have printed out my certificate, thank you.

  6. Dr. T. MURARI says:

    I’m happy to be a member of this club.