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Left Handers Club Member Certificate

If you want to proclaim your proud membership of the Club for the elite 10%, why not print out your membership certificate to put up on your wall?

If you are not already a member of The Left Handers Club,
join free now:

Click here to download your Left handers Club membership certificate *

* This certificate is in pdf format and you will need Adobe Reader for it. If you don’t have it   on your computer click here for free download
* In most cases this will just work automatically by clicking on the certificate link but if not or it will not let you enter your name, you may need to right click on the certificate link above and then “Save link as…” to save the document as a PDF file on your own computer then open it using the Adobe Reader software.

Once you open the file in Acrobat Reader, just click in the light blue box in the middle to type your name then click the print icon at the top to set options and print your certificate.

Left Handers Club membership certificate

We are just trying out this new certificate with the option to add your own name before printing.   Please let us know if it is working OK for you by adding a comment below.
Problems with the name?   – If you click just above the underline where the name goes, can you type your name?
If not, you are probably using an old version of the Adobe PDF Reader software.
Check you have at least version 10 and if not download the latest version here


If you have just joined the Left-Handers Club, don’t forget to
click this link to download your Club Backwards Calendar

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180 comments on “LHC Member Certificate
  1. Pranav Khanwilkar says:

    Thanks for sharing this certificate. It works just perfectly fine to add my name and get it printed.

  2. Sharee A Pence says:

    It work great I printed out my Certificate

  3. Ravindra Muzalda says:

    I m so grateful that i m the memeber of this group thans you so much i m thank ful that it gaves me a plat form to desceibe my left handers thought to pour 8n thi small world…

  4. Julie Lynn says:

    Love,love,love this site!! I only wish it had been around when I was a child. I am left handed in that I write with my left hand , color, paint, other crafts as well….but everything else I do right handed. I can eat with either hand, but had this site been around when I was a child I feel like I wouldn’t have been Forced to learn how to do EVERYTHING right handed since it was totally against my nature….I know everyone else suffered too, I am just so excited that the world is finally accepting that some people are Left Handed and that companies now make special products to cater to the “Lefties'” needs. Thanks again ,

  5. Keith says:

    Since 1999! Welcome 🙂

  6. Christa says:

    Why does the handprint design look like it’s missing a finger?

  7. Christine Glenn says:

    I love my certificate! It’s colorful and this is the first time in my 60 years that I have had something acknowledging my uniqueness! I’m a lefty and proud of it!!

  8. Tom Mital says:

    This is the second time I’ve had to print the certificate and it worked perfectly both times. Kudos to the creators of this website and to lefties everywhere.Happy Left Handers Day!!!!

  9. Liya Saffura says:

    It worked perfectly for me! Luckily I came across this website while doing some research on handedness. I’m doing my masters now and I’m planning to write a thesis on Handedness. Feel free to share your interesting ideas and questions with me. ^_^

  10. Robert F. Jacobs says:

    The LHC Member Certificate with my name printed perfectly as did the Club Backwards Calendar. Nice to have links that work well.

  11. Adam Cooper says:

    Love the Certificate. I Like how we are acknowledged

  12. ed almanza says:

    Being a lefty all my life .I grew up to realize I had certain ability most people don’t have. I can write in beautifu
    l cursive. Forward and in reverse. Without even trying. I can write draw any image I see. I learned to be a semi pro tennis player
    Just from watching Wimbledon one summer. Once at ten years old I played 37 games of billiards pool.and the last thirty games
    My opponent never got a shot. I can instantly learn a language if it is taught in song. Just a few of my advantages to being a lefty

  13. Melodie says:

    Hey, Finally! After all these years I fit in, lol! The certificate worked for me. Love it love it love it!

  14. Nivio says:

    hi Guys, thanks very much for this wonderful community, I found the information about this community by accidentally from an online news. by following the instruction then finally I can get in. I am from Timor-Leste.

  15. DVT says:

    I would suggest you us the Ancient Greek word ‘Aristeria’

  16. sachin Sodnvar says:

    thank you very much I got my certificate It’s great feeling to me yes I can say proud ly I m left handed. regards!!!! sss

  17. Tammy Smith says:

    Love this! Had no problem printing out the certificate or the calendar, starting with Sunday. The calendar will take getting use to since I have never seen a Left-Handers calendar before, but I like the idea. Thank you so very much!!!

  18. Ruth Taylor says:

    Thanks – the certificate printed out just fine – I printed it on fancy parchment paper – looks
    terrific so I tacked it up on my bulletin board.

  19. Sharron Matthews says:

    Certificate worked fine the second time around. Would not let me add name initially. Happy to be a member, this is a nice bit of fun after many years of frustration and some taunts and teachers who wanted to change the way I write. I do still object to being forced to follow a slant page to write the same as a right hander….and smudge the page…and lose marks ….


  20. Shug says:

    Hi, Y’all!

    This site is awesome! Like me, my dad was left-handed. It’s a shame that, in his day, left-handedness was frowned upon, so much so he was forced to write and eat right-handed. Thankfully, my folks didn’t force that upon me. They supported me for who I am, as I presume Dr. Spock told parents to do that – ha! At any rate, I, too, am happy to be an elite club member. Remember, WE are the ones in our right minds! :-}

  21. Laurie says:

    It worked marvelous for me. And the backwards calendar, that is just to show that ‘MOST’ lefties have an excellent sense of humor! And a backwards calendar just confuses those poor souls born right handed…. Our hearts are with you!

  22. Bhakti says:

    I fond the calendar to be insulting!!! Left-handers are NOT backwards!!!

  23. Raphael Mokaya says:

    Am a happy gentleman form Kenya who is actually proud to be left handed.Kenya being a developing country with poverty and all the uncertainties,also considering the fact that I come form a poor family, i made it through in my university undergraduate education.I strongly believe that the trait of being left handed in me highly contributed to my achievements. I am proud to be left handed!

  24. Karen says:

    I don’t like the backwards calendar – I find it insulting. We’re not backwards and can certainly read from left to right. It’s the various products we have problems with.

    • DVT says:

      Karen, don’t get all upset about this.
      Science is changing our calender completely.
      At this post, todays date is 20140817.
      Some people like to put dashs, 2014-08-17.
      The reason they’re doing it this way is a mathmatic order.
      Definded by the interger point, the period, the dot.
      So when I post this date and time, can be expressed like this…
      Blame Gene Roddenberry for this idea.

    • Annette says:

      I agree Karen, I don’t want anything that even hints at the word backwards. I’ve been called this derogatory term and we should be celebrated not insulted.

    • Christa says:

      Lighten up! Nobody said we couldn’t read from left to right; of course we can. This is just for fun. If you don’t like it, nobody’s forcing it on you! (-:

  25. Julie says:

    It worked perfect for me

  26. Sinziana says:

    Hi left-handers !
    I am one of you and just came across this site. I joined the community and downloaded my certificate. It looks so cool and it gives me self-confidence and self-esteem.
    I am happy not to be alone. 🙂
    Thanks !

  27. Barbara Tierney says:

    Yes the Certificate is working, but the name you type in must be right over to the right as it does no automatically centre.
    Great idea.

  28. Monique says:

    I love this certificate! It makes my little man feel just a little Special& not like he’s completely alone.. He is now a member of an elite club afterall.

    Thank you for helping this mommy.

  29. stEphen says:

    I am the only left hander in my family and I am proud of it. I really like the Certificate.

  30. Pratyusha says:

    i am a lefty, and am so proud of it. it is so good to find lefties like me! very happy to be a part of this wonderful family! 😀