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Left Handers Club Member Certificate

If you want to proclaim your proud membership of the Club for the elite 10%, why not print out your membership certificate to put up on your wall?

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Left Handers Club membership certificate

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180 comments on “LHC Member Certificate
  1. rasika says:

    Hey, I am only lefties in my family. I always something doing get and start left hands and left legs. So I have very Happy…….and proud of this web site.

  2. Lisa Marie says:

    Hi everyone,
    Its great to read about the experiences of other lefties. My experiences seem to be so much different that I just have to share them with all of you. My parents realized I was going to be left handed when I was about 4 years old and stopped using both hands, obviously favoring my left. I was the only left handed person in my family. No one seemed to think anything of it, and because of that, neither did I. Throughout grade school, I was treated no different. I experienced almost no difficulties at all. Learning to write in cursive was a bit of a challenge simply because my hand smeared the ink as I wrote, but my handwriting was as good as the righties. I have always used right handed scissors with my left hand with no problems at all. I never realized that left handed scissors existed until I was in high school and till this day have never used them. I eat with my left hand, but use a knife with my right. I’ve been told I eat European style, as I don’t shift my fork. This came naturally to me, no one ever taught me to eat this way. I use a computer mouse with my left. However I swing a baseball bat and golf club right handed. I shoot pistol and rifle right handed. I even throw a bowling ball with my right hand, but I throw a baseball and football with my left, shoot pool left and attempted to learn how to play a left handed guitar. I was never influenced in any of it. I was allowed to pick up the equipment and hold it comfortably before I was actually taught how to use it. I always considered myself as very lucky and special. I can do more with both of my hands than any right handed person could. I just can’t imagine a right handed person throwing a bowling ball with his/her left, or swinging a bat or golf club left handed. Its all a matter of perspective. From the way I see it…the right handed population are the ones with the disadvantage. They can’t do nearly as much with their left hands than a leftie can do with his/her right! I really feel lefties have the best of both worlds. I really am privileged to be left handed!! :o)

    • K.T. says:

      Hello, im k.t. this is so awesome, but funny!!! I did not know we have our own club for lefties. this make me feel special. I have a 13yr old son thats a lefty and his dad is a lefty as well. When my son was a baby, his grandmother tried to get him to do everything in right-hand form. My son was determined to be a lefty he kept switching it back to his left hand!!!! what make it more funny she was getting mad; i was rollin!!! I guess we are unique cause lefties are more creative and ive witnessed it for myself and my son.

  3. moses pensulo says:

    Am aproud left hand leg and leg user, I can’t blame the create for such a rare opportunity.


  4. Lana says:

    Hello fellow lefties!! Our “right handed world” has added lots of confusion to my life….especially in my younger years!! This created a slower reaction-time, in some cases, when I had to think twice to try to figure out which hand to use – there were many times I would drop something and was considered clumsy while being forced to use my right hand. This made my life difficult in school as well at home. My father also was a lefty as a child and he was forced to use his right hand. Interesting enough, my dad would try to teach me to use my right hand as well. Later in life, funny now, I write with my left and bowl with my right and my father writes with his right and bowls with his left!! What frustrates me the most is when I have to stop and think of which hand to use!!! For example, I wanted to learn how to golf. My boyfriend tells me: “you know, could you possibly try to use your right hand to golf…that way we won’t have to bother getting left-handed clubs??” I have to actually try both hands just to figure what I am…. Can any of you relate???? I believe it has effected my brain in a negative way. How many right-handed people are forced to use their left hand?

    • Ugino says:

      I can relate when i was younger it use to make me mad that i had to use my right hand on stuff when i was left handed. So i somewhat learned how to use my right hand for somethings but now when i go bowling i use both hands just to mess with people its fun.

    • BLynn says:

      It always made me mad when people would say, “just try it with your right hand”…..well, YOU try it with your LEFT hand! (not gonna happen) lol

  5. Don says:

    I write and eat left-handed. I just learned to live in a right-handed world, doing everything else with the wrong hand.

    • Lana says:

      It’s a shame that we have to be forced to do something our body has a difficult time adapting to. It would be different if we HAD to. Some people have no choice – due to an accident which forces them to use the other hand.

  6. Terrence says:

    I’ve gone so many years without any kind of support with my being a lefty. Thank you for the certificate. I’m 71 and I would like to work on my handwriting. Not only was I subjected to the right hand teachers on my writing but, I was one of the lucky ones to get beat for it by teachers. many thanks for your website and the internet.

  7. IMANI says:

    I knew something was special about me. I am glad to be a part of the left handed community. WE ROCK!!!

  8. corey says:

    i been a left hander all my life, all my family and friends are right handers. im glad i found this site!now i feel welcomed apart of the elite people. i play guitar,throw,write and punch with my left hand mainly 😉

  9. cherene says:

    yes im so proud to be left-handed people talk about people like us but i always tell them that i was born a left-handed person thank you for making a site just for us

  10. Henry says:

    Being Left handed has made me feel special, and part of an elite group of people…As a Guitarist, it has really helped me to become very proficient as an artist…For me the world is backwards…All of us Lefties, should learn to play right-handed Guitars, for the vast number of the poor right-handed folks, they should begin their lessons on a left-handed guitar…and the reason is because the dominate hand should be used to play the chords, it just makes sense to me, as I grew up around a bunch of right-handed players, and I figured it was the way to do it…later in life I realized that I was blessed beyond belief not having to struggle to make even the most difficult chords, so as you can see us lefties are really cool people…Henry.

  11. Rhea says:

    Although being left handed is lovely because it makes us different, it shouldn’t cause problems with reading. Those of us who are of a certain age just had to learn to use things with the wrong hand because that was all there was. I couldn’t use left handed scissors now because as a child there were only right handed ones, so I learned to use those.
    It’s the same with reading. Kids just have to learn that in this country we read from left to right; doesn’t matter if you’re right or left handed, blue, green, hindu, moslem, martian, we still read from left to right and just have to learn that that’s how we do it.

  12. Larry says:

    It is really neat to have found a left-handed club! I moved here from Texas and have noticed a very high number of left-handed people here. I have never seen a town with so many left-handed people in it. Did you know God used a left-handed assassin in the Old Testament of the Bible to get rid of an evil king? The kings guards searched the guy looking for his weapon thing he was right handed, but they didn’t look on his person where a LEFT handed person would carry a knife. Anyway, I don’t remember where that incident is found in the Bible, but I seem to remember reading that all of Davids Mighty Men were left handed and they could throw a spear farther with accuracy than a right hander etc.
    I have pretty well had to learn to be ambidextrious in a right handed world. Being an extremely visually oriented person, I learn by watching, which means if a right handed person taught me a particular skill, I generally use my right hand to do it, but using tools, I use whichever hand is handiest, i.e., using a screw driver, when my left hand gets tired I switch and use my right hand for awhile etc. I vastly prefer to learn a new skill with my left hand as it is easier that way, but you do what you have to in order to survive in a right handed world. I would love to learn fencing, as I would have a distinct advantage as a lefty, because lefties are used to the foibles of right handed people. Right handed people are used to other right handed people, but a left handed fencer throws them off. In high school, the baseball coach used me in batting practice and practice games as a pitcher. One of the guys had as one of his “heroes”, Mickey Mantle, the New York Yankee home run hitter, and this kid had an ego bigger than whatever. Anyway, he’d grab the heaviest bat in the rack and swagger up to the home plate and sneer at me. I delighted in striking him out. I had a curve ball that just about sizzled and he’d almost break his shoe laces swinging at that curve ball. Lol. Fun! He’d grip his bat way down by the end and swing for the fences. Mighty Casey has struck out! LOL! If any of you reading this are American and in your sixties, you’ll know what I mean.

  13. Lotus Carbonell says:

    “As the right hemisphere of the brain controls the left side of the body then only left-handers are in their right minds!”
    I copied this from the t shirt from left hander’s club, this is awesome

  14. Brian Stamper says:

    Hi everyone, glad to be here. I have been a huge promoter of the whole left handed people being elites things for as long as I can remember. So just remember everyone Keep them left hands in shape, cause when the right handed apocolypse happens you’ll be super thanksful…lol j/k. I am also friends with predominantly are left handed which I thought was Kind of weird especially because we just all seemed to meet each other at random times. Who knows maybe we are sort of attracted to each other. I mean we are all here… right? Everyone Have Great Days ahead. GO LEFTIES!!!!

  15. Helson says:

    Today I am so happy that after so many years I can meet my brothers and sisters in the so called ‘evil hand’. Coming from Africa down in the interior parts of Kenya where teachers will give me lashes because I use left hand left me with pain and bitterness, but am happy we are so many. I love it so much comrades

  16. Bhakti S. Niwane says:

    I am proud to be a left-hander . Sometimes I have faced some problems but after some days I come to knw that near about so many lefty peoples hav faced the same problems. But now I don’t think that being a lefty is a problem. And I am proud to b a member of this site.

  17. Baig says:

    I do everything with left! Kick with left,eat with left hand,write with left-hand,listen with left ear and etc! I feel proud to be left-hanaded!

  18. mathu says:

    proud 2 be leftyy!!!!!!………lefties Rox

  19. Ambuj Gera says:

    im so glad that we people got a website! We share so many thnigs in common 🙂 as a kid i also used to write like mirror images of alphabets and numbers! Im so proud that we people are so different in this world! And m so happy that we are only 10% in this world. Left handers rock!!

  20. Ambuj Gera says:

    its so good to be a left hander 🙂 feels like being blessed. We left handers have a lot of things in common. No matter what people think about us but im proud to say that im 1 of those 10% people in this world.

  21. Sydney Chimgwede says:

    it’s so great to be left handed. i think we left handers have alot of thing in common. i believ i will learn alot of things through this site.

  22. Lyna says:

    I love my left hand and I am proud to myself that I am a left-handed writer/user. This site is a best place to hear about other left-handed users. I will check it frequently to hear about you all.

    Keep our left hand in touch!!!

  23. Lori B says:

    This site is awesome! I have had trouble all my life with people telling me I’m backwards and that I do things in an odd manner. I like being odd and find it nice to be no so ordinary. Great products Great info and Great people. Lefties rule!!!

  24. garima dutt says:

    Hi, got on to this site while browsing… joined the club. As a left-hander, I have never felt disadvantaged, probably because my parents, teachers, friends or colleagues have never treated me differently. Barring a few incidents where I have been told that I look a bit weird writing from my left hand or stirring the pan while cooking; or was wrapped on my knuckles at a sweet shop for touching the sweets with my left hand 😉 – I have never faced any major social stigma. I feel a lefty can do everything and yes if anything we become ambidextrous as we have to continuously navigate in a world where everything is made for right-handers. But I, for one have never been made to feel special or even different.
    And yes, I have also downloaded the certificate and would put it on my office desk. 🙂


    Garima Dutt

  25. Lisi says:

    OMG, this is a beautiful site! I ´m so proud of being a member new, the left-handed people rocks!!

  26. Shee Shee Ni says:

    I am very happy to have found this site! I am a lefty and I amor it! We are muito unique & this site proves it. Why be like the rest? LEFTIES are the BEST! 🙂

  27. marilynn o says:

    Lefties united!!!!!!! not everything in life is one size fits all and now our voice can be heard-product designers take note-no more drinking fountains with the lever only on the right side! any ideas for a three ring notebook? i say do away with them in class rooms-how about designing a car so that the driver can reach all the controls with their left hand?-yeah i know im dreaming big huh?

    • LeftHandDominant says:

      Not at all dreaming big,I dream of a left handed keyboard.
      It is discrimination to force left handers to adopt to the majority.
      Maybe it is something to do with the silly notion that LH’s are “evil” in christian teachings.
      Why even the word right by definition says it is “correct,just” etc.
      My theory is it is right handed people who are the evil ones.
      How many people born with left handed dominance use their left hands irresponsibly ?
      It is utter absurdity.I am interested to know how many left handed people are married to or have relationships with left handers ?
      Anybody know ?
      Reply here 🙂

  28. Jane Howell says:

    I am SOOO excited that we got a website finally!!!

  29. Dawn fillinger says:

    I didnt have the reading frustration but, tying my shoes and using scissors now that was hard for me! I have no idea about reading from right to left but i do read magazine from back to front and start with the page on the right side..I have an idea it worked for my nephew who is left handed as well, we got him the tag jr. and then the tag its shows them how to read a book in a right handed world! good luck

  30. samantha says:

    Hello there! I am glad that I have found your website! I came across it while surfing for information reguarding my left-handed / 6 year old daughter – who is having a considerable amount of frustration dealing with writing AND reading. I seem to be able
    to find answers to her writing problems quite easily, but I haven’t been able to find any information on helping her to read. She constantly starts to read a book from right to left. Do you have any info about left-handers and reading? I loved the writing video!!!…but, if you have anything on reading books, that would be excellent!

    Thank-You for your time!
    Samantha Sheppard

    • Dawn fillinger says:

      I didnt have the reading frustration but, tying my shoes and using scissors now that was hard for me! I have no idea about reading from right to left but i do read magazine from back to front and start with the page on the right side..I have an idea it worked for my nephew who is left handed as well, we got him the tag jr. and then the tag its shows them how to read a book in a right handed world! good luck

      sorry posted it twice the first one was a reply but i forgot to hit reply button 🙂