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Left Handers Club Calendar 2024

Each year we produce a left handers calendar running from right to left as a lot of people seem to enjoy it and ask for it. Like anti-clockwise watches, lefthanders find it a lot easier to read than right-handers so it is nice to confuse them! Use the links below to download the calendar. (click here if Sunday starts your week) Historically, we have called this a “backwards” calendar & whilst this is technically the correct name for it, we understand that there are many with strong feelings against linking “backwards” with left handedness. We are therefore just calling it the “Left Handers Club Calendar” – though to keep the SEO rankings we have left the old description in the links used to access the 2024 files

If you are not already a member of The Left Handers Club, join free now using the form on the home page of our website

Please note that we cannot print the calendar for you and send it by post because of the cost involved.

Use this link to download the 2024 Mon-Sun calendar as an Adobe.pdf format file
(you can open it with the free Adobe Reader).

You may need to Right click the link then choose “Save target as…” or “Save link as…” then you can choose the location to save the file to on your computer.

2024 Calendar with Sunday starting the week

We have had a lot of people telling us that having calendars starting the week on a Monday (which is the normal format in the UK) is not the same worldwide and in the USA and other places it is standard to have Sunday as the first day of the week. See our article about which day starts the week here.

Use this link to download the 2024 calendar with SUNDAY starting the week as an Adobe.pdf format file

(you can open it with the free Adobe Reader software)

Left-handed diary and planner for 2024 – 52 page spiral-bound book

We also have a limited number of the “physical” Left Handed Diary for 2024. It is a spiral-bound diary book that opens from left to right and is tailor-made for us left-handers. To make it easier to use, it features planning pages on the left side of each weekly spread (Monday – Sunday) and on the right, there is ample space for notes along with an interesting fact about left-handedness. The calendar also recognizes the birthdays of famous left-handed people.

Following pressure from us and Club Members, the publishers reversed the printing so that it opens from left to right – the proper direction for us lefties.

52 double-page spreads, one for each week of the year.
Size: 6.25 x 8.25 x 0.5 inches; 16 x 21 x 1.3 cm

Find out more and order your diary


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219 comments on “Backwards Calendar
  1. praneeth says:


    Its really wonderful. I am just 10 yrs old. studying 5th class. I have my left handers club membership certificate just now. its wonderful to have such a nice club internationally for me.
    thank you

  2. Karen says:

    Southpaw, wrong-arm, whatever. I am the partner of choice in the parlor game “Backwords”.

  3. jodie cohen says:

    I think this is great been hoping for us left
    Handers to be reconized

  4. Kevin says:

    Finally…………I’ve been looking for years to find a shop, dedicated to us lefties. Life really is harder as a leftie, but now I’ve found you and your shop, my life can be made that little bit easier. If only I knew of your shop in my life earlier.
    Can you send me directions to your shop, so I may browse. The calendar I’ve just downloaded, when I look at it, somehow is much easier to understand! I already have a clock that runs “backwards” as they say, But to me, it runs in the correct direction. And a watch? I’ve gotta see it….how much for the watch?? Ooh, I’m gonna spend a small fortune in your shop, I think. So glad I’ve found you. Please please please, don’t ever close. I bet you’re busy all the time! I know of lots of people who like you and me are left-handed, so when I like you on my facebook, you may get a few more who will register.

    Yours Sincerely


  5. Marisa Rious says:

    Would like to receive the calendar by mail THANK YOU

    • Keith says:

      Hi Marisa
      We don’t mail the calendar because of the cost involved so you will need to just download and print it yourself.

  6. Alan K says:

    Why is August 13 shown with a border?

  7. Darrell says:

    I just received the left handed wrist watch. It is so cool. Didn’t have any trouble reading it. I have shown it to my family and friends and they really laugh at it. What a conversation starter about being left handed. It is so enjoyable to be “normal” Ate dinner with my wife’s sister and her family. There six people at the table – 5 left handed – we didn’t fight over who had to sit on the end of the table. Have a left handed day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Carmilla says:

    I absolutely LOVE being lefthanded! We are skilled, smart, creative and most of all, adaptable! Growing up left-handed in a family of 10 right-handed people, I have had to learn to be most adaptable. We are a unique group of people who should celebrate our ‘culture’.

  9. Anna C. says:

    Love this site can get great gifts for myself and myleft handed friends!!!!

  10. Kelly D says:

    I love the idea and all but I want there to be boxes so tht I can write things for each date… I don’t know if it bothers anyone else but I’m just a bit OCD!

  11. Chris herbert says:

    nice calendar! My friends think that I am a freak! But I am just educating them, slowly! 🙂

    • Carmilla says:

      I absolutely LOVE being left-handed! We are special, talented, skilled and above all, most ADAPTABLE. I love the calendar; it feels good to my eyes.

  12. Keith says:

    It will be coming soon!

  13. Sandra K says:

    Ok this is for all LEFTIES in the world. Please always keep this in mind.
    Right handed people use the the left side of their brains and Left handed people use the right side of their brains. So, that means that only left handed people are in their right minds!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Meena says:

    Love this! Friends told me today that it was International Lefties Day, so I’m very glad to become a member today! My sister and mum are lefties too, so in our family, we rule! And am rubbing my sore thumb from using a pair of right handed scissors too much on the weekend – definitely going to get me some of those lefty scissors!

  15. stephen says:

    hi being a left hander I have always been teased by my school mates and a couple of my family members I stated telling them stuff like this one day and they stopped thanks to your club mu life has changed thanks stephen

  16. Mary says:

    I am a Certified Left Hander and I’m proud being one..:)

  17. Becky says:

    Have just found this club as my 3 year old Drew is left-handed we discovered. Being extremely right-handed I have found trying to teach him how to write has been difficult for me and didn’t want the classic ‘crab’ style for him. He starts Primary school this september so i think the left-handed stationary set will be a purchase for him. He is very proud of his name certificate and I am giggling at the fact we already have an anti-clockwise clock as the other half likes to mess with peoples heads, yet might actually be easier for him. Thank you very much this has been a big help already.

  18. Stan says:

    Recently attended a Photography Seminar at which various camera bags were evaluated.
    It was mentioned by the presenter that the Lowepro SlingShot 202 AW Backpack was not ideally suited to left-handed people due to the single strap having to be worn over the right shoulder with awkward acces to the camera equipment inside the bag.
    Wish I had known about this before I bought this product from overseas on eBay some time before I attended the seminar. Let the buyer beware.

  19. Andy says:

    I’m 22, only in the last month discovered some amazing and unique information about ‘us’ haha
    I’ve only ever struggled with scissors. Why no one has ever mentioned to me how superior
    We are I don’t know!
    Everything I have done in my life makes abit more sense now, karate football table tennis, even my career in 3d design.. I have woken up and i have smelt the bacon!
    Calendar is wicked!
    Looking forward to celebrating my 1st August13th

  20. Lorna says:

    Pretty cool….have never seen one reversed.

  21. Laura says:

    i am an identical twin and i am left handed and my twin sister is right handed. i am the only left handed person in my whole family and family history. and its hard being left handed i work in vet office and everything is for right handed people.

  22. robin says:

    OMG, this is the best thing since sliced bread. I have been a distressed left-hander my whole life. To this day it still amazes me that people are amazed that i am left handed. I mean i feel like the face of a murderer…. I DIDN’T KNOW YOU’RE LEFT HANDED! Like I’ve mutilated babies or something!! I have to admit it’s a total turn on when guys tease me about it, cuz it makes me special, sets me apart from the “other girls”. LOL. Peace to my lefty brethren!!

  23. Faruque Malik says:

    The Lefthanded Calencer is completely unique and versatile. It is remarkably easy for our use. Where was it before all these years ? !!!!!

  24. Brian says:

    Can’t wait to put this upat my desk – will baffle my boss – but then, that’s not hard to do! Thank You.

  25. Arthur says:

    Unlike Louise I have always read from left to right. I have never heard of any lefty having that problem and I am 83 years old. I do most things using my right hand. I worked with a person in a shop for a number of years before he noticed that I was left handed as I used most machines right handed.

  26. Louise Elliott says:

    I am very left-handed – books used to go flying across the room when I was learning to read as I stubbornly tried to read from right to left and couldn’t understand why it was not making sense. It took me a long time to work out that I had to ignore this natural instinct and start everything from the left instead, thus it took longer to do anything with the result that I thought I was stupid; whereas the opposite is true for all left-handers as we have to be adaptable and adjust to living in a right-handed world!

    I was not aware of this tension until I came across your website and realised that I could use the scissors without having to think about it, open notebooks the ‘right’ way around and now read a calendar – thank you for helping to relax my brain and making my life that bit easier!

  27. Adam says:

    I’m still waiting for a left handed chainsaw, its bloody unfair, even my back pack weed sprayer..designed for right handed people.

  28. Bug says:

    As a lefty thrre and still are challenges. The desk at school used to cure to the left not good. Zippers, doors cars in america, measuring cups rulers, oh man. Im 48 now and use bolths by force. As a child my mom made me feel special by finding a lefty stoe called south paw. Its not around any move but I thought a mug for lefties was the coolest. I took dance a a child also and that was a trick because you always start with your right and turn right and do most things stage right. I have 12 years dance training with three years of point. My elementry school in the 70’s had no idea what to do with me accept to recite three letter words all day. Mom found an independant class that forced speed reading. I cried, that wasnt the solution atall. Everyone told my mom I would outgrow it, or addapt. Wow. Im a Dental assistant for 30 years now, ive not outgrown it, I have addaped. Almost all equiptment is for right handers. I have two girls, neither are lefties. I did manage to get remarried to a lefty. Thanks for listening, great place to vent to people who know…. The calendar is the bomb.

  29. Maud says:

    Really cool! I love it :))

  30. akhil says:


    My mind became free after looking at this calendar………

    Need some more innovative things for lefties …………