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Lefty Book

Lefthanders Reg Fahie and Joe MacDonald have put their lifetime of experiences into an entertaining book called “Lefty” that uses a cartoon character to show the challenges and frustrations facing left-handers in a right-handed world. They have done it in a light-hearted way and while us lefties will recognise all of the situations described in the book they will no doubt, as always, be a revelation to right-handers.

We are not sure all the situations they illustrate are relevant in all countries (some are related to driving on the right for example) and some of them are a bit far-fetched and ignore our ability to adapt and make the best of things, but they do point out a lot of little niggles and annoyances that only apply to us a lefthanders.

Lefthander using egg whisk backwards

Lefthander using backwards video game machine

There are 74 pages of cartoons like these and each has an explanation for right-handers upside-down at the bottom. Reg has a supply of the hard-back books in Canada and has agreed to send them out direct to Left Handers Club members.
Click here to order your copy of the hard-back book

Even better, we have produced an Ebook version with all the pages enlarged to A4 size (210 x 297mm / 8.25 x 11.75 inches) so you can print them out and put your favourites on the wall to amuse fellow lefthanders and educate the righties. This digital version is much cheaper at only £4.95, has no delivery charge and is available now for immediate download.
Click here to order your copy of the download book

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9 comments on “Lefty Book
  1. Bayu says:

    Is it eiaser to learn playing guitar if you already play bass guitar?I play bass for a year and i’m bored with it now, especially when i’ve started listening to metal (before i listened to funky and jazzy rock). So will it be eiaser to me to start playing acoustic guitar than some guy that hasn’t played anything, ever ? And, if i’d practice 2 hours a day, for how much time would i learn basics (chords, power chords, barre, easy songs etc.) ?PS i’m 14

  2. Bblovepnv says:

    Better off pinalyg righty, all the more guitars to choose from! Do you feel its more advantageous to have your master hand on the fretboard? Doyle Bramhall! He and Derek Trucks were in Clapton’s band when they came to Singapore. I also left out Carlos Rios, another great lefty fusion player.

  3. sayeda says:

    oh and dont forget dancing!….all the moves especially the one with partners are angled to the left!

  4. Hope says:

    i agree with the book that it is easier for us to read that way, and i would find it easier to write that way too. All my friends find writing backwards so hard, but for me its easier!

    • Polly W says:

      oh do please give me a clue… my littlest in school has a visual impairment more or less blind in her right eye… she is left handed ( her grandfather was … her dad is right handed but uses his knife and fork left handed … I have asked and asked if the reason she is reading from right to left because she is left handed and been told no… and being left handed shouldnt be a problem?? but i noticed after joining this that the calendar read from right to left … ( i suppose you can assume after being told it isnt a problem I am going to find out for myself whether or not that is fact )
      please give me some insight …

  5. Percy says:

    on a lot of console games (like wii or gameboy) the (left, right ,up, down) pad is on the left, and the (usually two) action buttons ( x and y, or a and b) are on the right. this means that a left handed person can use his good hand for two more buttons than a right hander. While arcade games may be for right handers ( and I still think I do pretty well) console and handheld games seem geared to leftys

  6. susan says:

    seeing the cartoon of the eggwhisk, reminds me when as a novice in mum’s kitchen, the whisk always fell apart when i used it and i always ended up fishing the screw out of the egg whites, much to my mother’s exasperation. Now i use a balloon whisk.

  7. Daniel Vieira says:


    I suppose this is a interesting book.
    Although, that cartoon in cover with the mirror, it seems to me a right-handy shaving. The “L” in the shirt is backwards? Isn’t that a mirror?

    Greetings from Portugal!