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Lefties around the world

left handers worldWe had a lot of responses to our recent email from lefties all round the world wanting to participate in some way in our newsletters. We thought it would be good to feature a short article each month from a member in a different part of the world telling us about their experiences and how lefties get on in their country. If you would be willing to share your thoughts, please contact us using this form and attach your article as a text file plus send us a picture of yourself and any other relevant images.

Tell us about:

  • Words for left-handed and left-handed people and any alternative meanings they have
  • Your experiences as a lefty at school and work and whether people have been supportive and helpful to you
  • Any interesting experiences you have had that relate to your handedness
  • Anything else you think other member may be interested in

We look forward to hearing from you and sharing with other members.

We have produced a big page of information about left-handed language and these are some of the most recent comments on it:

  • Adolfo says – Here in Venezuela we often use the term mocho” to refer to a lefty, or la mocha”, to refer to the left hand. Mocho” would roughly translate as maimed”, or awkward, clumsy” or stuff like that, and la mocha” would be something like the maimed (hand)”.
  • We have a had a lot of interest in this page and loads of comments from people sent by email so we will keep adding to the content. We ARE still struggling to find positive language references to lefthanders though – can you help?
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