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Left Handers Club Mobile App Development

mobile apps for iphoneWe are keen to develop a mobile App for the Left Handers Club and Anything Left Handed so we can let people access all our information and products using their mobile phones as well as on the web. It would include things like:

  • Information about us and being left-handed
  • Left-handedness test (which hand do you use for various things and comparison with our survey results)
  • Shop with all our products in and ability to order
  • In App only offers
  • Left-handed Celebrity spotting – let people advise new ones or browse / search a database
  • Articles on left-handedness
  • Our Left Handers Club newsletters

We have just started looking at this and wondered if there are any experts out there in our left-handed community who could point us in the best direction or even help with developing something. If you can help, please contact Keith using the form on this page.

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2 comments on “Left Handers Club Mobile App Development
  1. Marian says:

    I would be keen to have a Lefthanders App – whilst being able to do some things righthanded , still finding being lefthanded a nuisance sometimes. Is there a way to right on a whiteboard lefthanded without the font being slightly unreaderable and also rubbing off the marker as well!!! Frustrating.

  2. Lucy says:

    I am keen to find out if there’s an app for changing the slide from left to right, to right to left? Apple don’t do anything within their settings but suggested looking for an app to do it.

    Does anyone know of one?