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Left-handed spiral notebooks UK

We often get asked about spiral notebooks for left-handers as we find the standard right-handed ones difficult to use as our hand ends up resting uncomfortably on top of the spiral binding.   If the books have plain paper, you can just tuirn them upside down and write on what would normally be the back of the sheets.   But if the paper is ruled and with a margin line that is not possible as the margins end up the wrong side.   Another work-rounds is to use a notebook with the spiral at the top.

Here is a recent enquiry from Amy in America…

Message: I hope you can help me.  I am searching for left handed spiral notebooks with the correct paper size and hole punches for UK binders.  I have American left handed spirals but my son just started boarding school in Wales and has asked if I can send him some left handed spirals.  The left handed spiral binders I can get here in the USA have 100 sheets of American college rule paper perforated for tear out, a double sided pocket in the back of the notebook and the spiral on the opposite side. Do you offer this product or anything similar or know of where I could find some with UK paper and holes?


We now have wirebound spiral notebooks in A4 and A5 sizes in stock

Left handed spiral notebooks, wire bound



For a long time, we did not actually stock left handed spiral notebooks any more.   We did get them specially printed a few years ago but the cost of doing them in fairly small quantities meant that they were a lot more expensive than the standards versions and people were just not willing the pay the higher price for them.   Also, they are very heavy compared to their value and that meant that the carriage costs for delivering them was high, especially internationally.   All in all, we ended up with a product that customers thought was far too expensive and that we did not actually want to sell even at a fairly high price because we lost money on a lot of them because of the high delivery charges that we did not pass on to customers.

We do get problems like this with some left-handed items and, though they seem to be fairly simple and cheap products, they are actually not financially viable to make and sell.

If you do come across any left-handed spiral notebooks with UK size paper or have any other solutions to this problem, please add a comment below.

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One comment on “Left-handed spiral notebooks UK
  1. Kristin Topol says:

    I looked into left-hand notebooks for my son. After seeing the design I simply took a normal notebook and flipped all the paper to the front cover, thereby reversing the right-handed design. Easy cheesy:o)