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Left handed playing cards

Have you noticed that most playing cards only have the number on two diagonal corners, which become covered up when the cards are fanned in the right hand so you can select and play them with your left! Most lefthanders hold cards this way (or would if it did not mean they could not see what they have in their hand).

Left handed playing cardsThese playing cards have the number on all four corners so that everyone can play!

Click here to order left-handed playing cards (available with blue or red backs)

They are also available as a higher quality card with two packs in a gold coloured storage box – box of two sets of left handed playing cards


Here is our video demonstrating the problem

We had an email recently from Andrew that got us thinking:

It would be nice to know if you sell such a thing as genuinely left-handed playing cards. Ambidextrous cards work fine but are not uniquely left handed.
Hi Andrew, I have not seen left only cards and I don’t think we would sell them as you would need to play with just left-handers to use them and we are trying to make things easier!
Thank you for your prompt reply. I agree with your comment about inclusivity. Around my bridge table we are all “sinistral” and have a bit of trouble when it comes to bidding with a set of “dextral “cards. Grand Slams have sometimes  been made with zero points!!!
Maybe it WOULD be nice to have some cards that are JUST left-handed – i.e. marked in the top left and bottom right corners, if only to see the mess right-handers get into when trying to use them and finding they cannot see what they have got in their hand.   At least it would stop them laughing at us when we complain that their cards are right-handed!
What do you think? Let us know by adding your comments below and if you come across anyone that makes left-handed only playing cards please let us know.
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2 comments on “Left handed playing cards
  1. Shimon says:

    An excellent article about Left-handed poker players (embedding also your YouTube):

  2. Kay says:

    I’ve never thought about this as i fan the cards so I can see the numbers, then hold them in my right hand!