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Left handed knots

Lefthanders sometimes struggle with making knots that are designed for creating right-handed – anything from simple knots like a bow for tying shoes to more complex and specialist sailor’s knots.

We are gathering information on left-handed knot tying techniques and will add it to this post as we find more – if you know any good resources or can advise on any particular knots please add comments below.

Tying shoes left-handed

Tie shoelaces left handed If you and your child are both left-handed, sit beside each other so the child can copy what you do.   If you are right-handed, sit opposite so they can “mirror” what you are doing.   We have produced a detailed guide to tying a left-handed bow for a pair of shoes that you can download.There is also a good article on left handed shoelace typing here

Left handed Bowline

Bowline knots are used when you want a secure, non-slip loop at the end of a line, such as for hanging a hammock from a tree or mooring a boat. Although this is a fairly simple knot, it’s confusing until you have a system for making one. For left-handers, it’s even worse. There is a “backwards” version of the knot called a “Dutch Marine bowline” or “left-handed bowline knot“, that is as safe as the ordinary bowline, but easier for lefties to make.

There are detailed instructions here

Knot books

We found this book of knots that has detailed left-handed instructions and illustrations for every knot included – well done to the author for thinking of us lefties!

Amazon UK Amazon USA

Let us know of any more good sources of information by adding comments below.

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