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Left handed knives

We have created some pages of information and videos about left handed knives, what makes them different and why a left handed knife will help you cut straight and safely when held in the left hand.

Video on left-handed knives

Information page on left-handed knives plus customer views

Left-handed knives in our online shop

Left handed bread knife

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2 comments on “Left handed knives
  1. donald chell says:

    I have recieved my knives and scissors,and they are great. for the first time I can cut with scissors, without getting a sore thumb. and the knives ,what a difference no mo0re fumbling with them

  2. John fowler says:

    Nice features on how and why scissors and knives need to be fully left hand, as a supplier in the trade, i get sick of people saying scissors are left hand or suitable for left hand use when they are clearly not. this is often well known brands and Companies, who really should know better.