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At last – a left-handed digital video camera

Samsung Q10 camcorderOne of the things we are most asked about is a left-handed digital video camera and there has never been one, until now. The Samsung Q10 (or HMX-Q10 HD) has been designed so it is equally easy to use in either hand – as Samsung say in their brochure “Even when you’re a lefty, It records just right!

It has all the latest features and technology but with a sensible design that makes it usable for us lefthanders. The High Definition camcorder has a x10 optical zoom, comes in a range of colours and with a wide range of accessories

Click here to see full details of this product on the Samsung website.

You can use the links below to see the camera for sale on Amazon UK or USA
Samsung Q10 Full HD Camcorder from Amazon UK
Samsung Q10 HD Camcorder on Amazon USA

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5 comments on “At last – a left-handed digital video camera
  1. Thomas says:


  2. Leah0868 says:

    Does this camcorder have the ability to take still photos as well as movies? My 10 year old son has hemiplegia which affects his fingers on his right hand. He loves taking photos but using my camera they always come out blurred or at an angle…thank you 🙂

  3. k9budd says:

    yeah they make a left handed camrecorder but they are only 10x or 20 x why are they so low when they can make right handed ones with 63x why are the left hander get so low optical zoom … it funny the optical zoom as nothing to do what hand you used so why are the left hander getting bad optical zoom

  4. Ben says:

    I am handicap with no dexterity in the right fingers & love taking pictures. I’ve looked for a left handed camera for almost 40 years with no luck. had to learn to do with one hand. wish they would make one.