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Left handed camera

We get loads of request for a left handed camera, with the shutter button on the left side so it can be pressed with the left index finger.

The Yashica Samurai film camera of the late 1980s is one of the only ones to have been in regular production but it was very expensive for what it was and was not a success.

We did at one time stock a left-handed 35mm film camera that had been made very cheaply and was almost a throw-away item, but even though the price was very low it was not worth selling as there were so many problems with it – the last thing you want is to find that you cannot actually get the photos you have taken printed!

Samsung have recently launched a digital video camera that can be used equally well left handed and right handed and you can see more details on the Samsung Q10 left handed digital video camera here.

We have approached some of the major manufacturers over the years and the answer is always that the small percentage of lefthanders does not justify the cost of development and production of a different model.

If you know any more about left handed cameras please add a comment below.



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