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Kate’s Journey – update

To see the original newsletter feature on Kate’s inspiring journey so far, please click here

We were blown away by the huge number of responses to her story – a small selection of these are shown below:

Clare Porac MD wrote a book about all the research ever done on left handers titled the enigma of left handedness. I would start there for anything ever studied about lefties and ADD


I read your article with much interest. I am personally 73 years of age and had all sorts of problems in my infants school by the actions of my teachers.( a South Woodford School, East London).
Their policy at the time was to tape my left hand behind my back and insist I use my right hand.
I remember being very tearful when I got home and telling my Mum what had happened, there were three of us in my class that had our left hands taped. When my Father heard of what had taken place, he was livid, and approached the headmaster at the school, shortly after his visit, their policy for taping the left hand was abandoned. Apparently talking to fellow members of Men’s Sheds I was not alone in this cruel policy which seemed to take place throughout the country during the 1950/60 school years.
Hopefully modern teachers are more aware of left handed pupils needs in their schools nowadays.

Fabulous, keep it up Kate.


OMG! I’m a subscriber to your newsletter and Kate is a 100% right.

My parents were told that I was a “slow learner” in grade one by my teacher!
Wrong! I was very left handed and that causes major problems for a child. Especially in a school environment.
I had trouble tying my shoes and only learned when I was taught the rabbit ears loop method. I was a disaster trying to do it by the right handed method. I was always confused about how to do things like using can openers, tools, writing and sports. Lucky for me an uncle of mine was very left handed and put me through some tests. For example, I showed him how I would throw a a ball, swing a golf club, use a tennis racquet and swing a bat, etc. My uncle knew exactly what was wrong with me. I was left handed and the world is right handed. At 67 years of age, I still question a lot of things regarding handedness.
Really appreciated your article.


I hope Kate and I have inspired others to tell of their experiences 


Victoria is not representative of all Australia.  I taught in NSW schools, and in teacher training at a university. The issue of handedness has been addressed in NSW syllabus since at least the ’70s.

As a left-handed Principal I always made sure my teachers were aware of the provisions and treated their left-handers appropriately. Amazingly though, in my training, when I took my chalkboard writing assessment in 1975 I was made to do it right-handed! Not that anybody uses them here anymore, as it is all whiteboards- and a whole new generation of board skills needing to be adapted for us!



What a very interesting and enlightening article!  Many thanks for it.  I also live in Australia and have already sent it to the daughter of a friend of mine who is a teacher.  I am in my early 70’s, and although I was not of the generation to be “forced” to become right-handed, my own handedness was never considered to my knowledge.  I do very little with my right hand (wrote backwards when learning to write, played all sports left-handed, find it difficult to do some chores if I have to use my right hand etc.) and now wonder if I had had some assistance whether I might have been more interested in my own education!

Thank you again for posting this very interesting article.


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