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Iron cord holder left handed

We had a message from Gail asking if we can supply a left handed iron cord holder, she said:

“Looking for an iron cord holder that lifts the cord up for leftys. They have them for right handed people but when I use one it folds over and does not work for us leftys. I hope they make one. I sure need it.”

This is not a product we stock ourselves but we did some research and found some models that should be suitable on Amazon, but only on the USA site.   We have not actually tried these ourselves but if you need a left handed iron cord holder they would be worth a closer look.

If you know any more about ironing products for lefthanders or have any good sources for recommended products please add them as comments below.

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  Left handed iron cord holders on Amazon USAAmazon USA Left Handed iron Chords

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2 comments on “Iron cord holder left handed
  1. Gail says:

    Further update:
    I have one like the Polder above and it is for right handers. When I mount it on the other side of the Ironing board it bends towards the front because it is made with a spring that goes in one direction to fold up.
    I hope you understand what I mean.
    I do want to thank you for helping me in my quest in finding one.
    I am thinking the only way I am going to get one is to figure out how to make it myself.

  2. Gail Riley says:

    Follow up message from Gail 14/8/13
    I have looked and looked and can not find anyone who has or makes a cord holder for the Ironing board for when you are Ironing. They make them for rght hander but not left handers.
    When I Iron my cord gets in the way
    I hope you can help me find one
    Thank you, Gail