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Getting your left-handed pen started

We sometimes get enquiries from people who are having trouble getting the ink flow in their new cartridge pen going. This is a typical one from Liz M…

Hi my recent order has just been received. I can’t get the Pelikano Junior cartridge pen to work. The ink is going down to the black part of the nib but doesn’t flow down to the tip of the nib. I have changed cartridge but its still not working. Please can you give me some advice on how to get it working.

Left handed nibMost of our pens are supplied with either an empty dummy cartridge or an ink cartridge which is upside down in the body of the pen – just turn the cartridge round or insert a new one and press it into place in the nib unit to break the seal. In nearly all cases, just putting the cartridge in your pen will be enough to get it started as there is some pressure in the cartridges that pushes the ink down to the nib and the fine channel between the two sides of the nib creates a “capillary effect” that pulls the ink to the point.

If you are using the standard 38mm “half-size” cartridges, we recommend putting a spare cartridge upside down in the body of the pen before you screw it back to the nib unit. That way it keeps pressure on the “live” cartridge so it cannot come off and maybe cause a leak if the pen is shaken around and you will also have a spare cartridge to hand in case you run out of ink at an awkward time.

If the ink does not flow on its own there are two things you can do to get it started:

  1. Hold the pen vertically and tap the tip of the nib onto a piece of scrap paper.   That will help get the ink flowing down to the to of the nib.
  2. Run the tip of the nib under a gentle stream of hot water from your tap and you should see it start to turn blue / black as the ink begins to flow.   Then just dry off the nib with some paper towel and you are ready to go.
    Do be aware that there will be   a bit of ink in the water once it starts to flow so be careful if you are using non-washable black ink in a white sink!
    Also be aware that there will be a bit of water left mixed with the ink on the nib after you have dried it so write a few words on some scrap paper to get down to the pure ink colour before writing anything important.

If that does not work it is possible you have a faulty pen but we do find that 99% of the pens that do get returned to us can actually be started very easily using one of the methods above, so please do give it a go before contacting us.

If it really is faulty, of course we will replace it for you free of charge.

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