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Use the search box in the top navigation bar of any of our pages to find whatever products or information you want from anywhere across our various left-handed sites.

Here are some tips that may help with your searching:

  • If you are searching for a specific phrase that has more than one word, put the whole thing in quotation marks so that each individual word is not searched as well,
    e.g. “left handed scissors”
  • You can exclude items from the search results by putting a minus sign “-” in front of them,
    e.g. “left handed scissors” -child
  • You can search for items that include more than one phrase by using AND in the search box (it must be capitalised),
    e.g. child AND writing AND school
    will show items that include ALL THREE of those terms
  • or you can find items that contain any of your search terms on their own by using OR (it must be capitalised),
    e.g. child OR writing OR school
    will show items that contain ANY SINGLE ONE of those search terms

We hope you find this search facility useful and please leave us any comments you have using the form below

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4 comments on “Search Left-Handed
  1. Robyn says:

    Hi, my granddaughter is left handed and completing a hairdressing apprenticeship, she is finding it extremely difficult to master the art of cutting hair as all the teachers are right handed. We are looking for someone in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne to teach her. Any suggestions? Your help would be much appreciated,

  2. Paula says:

    My ASD son is left-handed for everyting but writing. Although he’s 12 now he has asked if he could be taught to reuse his left had for writing as he feels this would be more cmfortable.After all these years writing right, he is still very slow and his hand hurts. Is there any professional support out there? I think although it will take some practise his life would improve if he could be retaught left.Thanks

  3. Miss OT says:

    I have a young student with multiple deformities of both hands. His right hand is physically much more intact, but he seems to prefer his left hand for self care activities such as eating and brushing his teeth. The adults in his life are divided as to whether encourge left or right handedness. He is young enough that he still switches a lot while coloring or drawing, but he is starting to write and we need to come to an agreement. Any ideas/coments/suggestions?

  4. Cynthia says:

    Do you have many people that are mirror writers? I love to do this because it blows most peoples minds. It is easy for me to do, as a matter of fact I can write frontwards and backwards with both hands, but it is easier with the left.