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Eating left handed (or not)

We had a comment from Rob today that made us think about this again…

“I was interested to read about how most left handers hold their knives and forks like a right hander would. I reckon that this possibly stems from how the table was laid out for us when we were children by our parents i.e. with the knife on the right and the fork on the left. I started off like this however I changed over around 25 years ago and have stuck to it (I couldn’t eat the other way now, it would feel so awkward!)

It’s interesting that most left handers, if just using a knife without a fork, for instance to cut bread, would have the knife in their left hand, yet swap it to their right hand if using a fork.

Our thoughts…

Our surveys show that the vast majority of lefthanders DO eat with the fork in their left and knife in their right (what is traditionally called “right-handed”).   Yes, it is all a bit mixed up, but at least we do always use the same (left) hand to feed ourselves – either with a fork or a spoon, where right handers usually change hands, using a fork in their left when they have a knife as well but changing to use a spoon in their right when they are using it on its own.   Who is the more mixed up?   (mind you, it makes it easy for them to use a spoon and fork to eat spaghetti where we left handers git in a “right” muddle”!!)

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46 comments on “Eating left handed (or not)
  1. Juste Moi says:

    I am right handed, but I use the fork in my left hand to eat. I use my spoon in my left hand to eat. I never thought about it until someone recently pointed it out to me.

  2. Catherine says:

    Then what am I gonna do? I eat with fork in my right and knife in my left hand because it’s impossible for me to do in the ‘right-handed way’.

  3. Sarah says:

    I am right handed and always have used the fork in my right hand and the knife in my left, does not feel correct the other way (you would be surprised at the amount of people who don’t even notice). Also apparently when I knit we’ll try to lol, I first knit a line as a right hander does then I swap hands (knitting needles) when doing another line. Also when I’m walking I don’t swing my left arm only my right.

  4. Robert T says:

    What percentage of right handed people eat “left handed”? It it particularly uncommon?

    I personally am right handed, however I find it MUCH easier to cut with the left hand than the right when using both a knife and fork! Yet again I always keep the fork in the hand I write with at all times.

    Recently I have started feeling embarrassed when dining out seeing as all of my right-handed family eat with their forks in their left hand so I wanted to know what percentage of right handers (like myself) eat the “left handed” way?

    • Bridget Wilson says:

      I’m right handed and eat with knife in left hand. Of course I was brought up by left handed people, but also remember school saying do opposite way which obvs has had no impact other than how to set table correctly. My daughter also does this as write handed person. All males in my family are left handed all women right handed. This now includes grandchildren… I work with elderly and reg cut up food for them which then I find confusing quickly trying to give back utensils in their correct hands lol… a lot of swapping hands I use carving knives with right hand. Cutting cooked food doesn’t require much effort so I think a lot of right handed people will prefer fork in right hand