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Do left-handed actors have to change hands?

We received this in an email from Valerie in Indiana, USA recently and it got us thinking…

Here’s an interesting thought I recently had while watching the 2008 version of ‘The Day the Earth Stood Still’: Keanu Reeves who plays the alien ‘Klaatu’ is left-handed but appears to be right-handed in the movie especially when he’s writing on the chalk board. I know I can write right-handed on a chalk board but not on paper.   I wonder if ‘Klaatu’ being right-handed was intentional or just something Keanu adapted to for the part because of camera angles and things of that nature.

Do actors have difficulty learning stunts with weapons?   Do they sometimes have to use their right hand because of the angles or what the director wants?     There’s many questions about left-handed actors and actresses that I’ve recently thought about.   Jeremy Renner from ‘The Avengers’ is also left-handed but uses both hands in the movie especially in the final fight sequences.

Does anyone else know of instances where left-handed actors or actresses have played a part right-handed, either because the director wanted to make them look like the majority or for other more practical reasons?

And are there any instances of a left-handed real person being played in a film by an actor doing it right-handed?

If you know of any, please add them as comments below.

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