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Delivery to China

Q – I am very sorry to say that I saw the delivery fee after I paid for my order. Why when I have bought over 30 Pounds goods at the same time must I pay the delivery fee? Please cancel the delivery as soon as possible,thanks lot, Yours, Zhiyu, Beijing, China

A – Unfortunately, the Postal Services make a charge to us to deliver items and the delivery cost from the UK to China is quite high so we have to make a charge to the customer to cover the delivery cost. We charge separately for delivery to make it fairer for customers rather than including extra in the price of our individual products. It is fairly standard for online companies to make a charge for international delivery and if we did not do so we would not be able to make our products available to you.

As soon as you enter your delivery country into the first page of our store checkout system, it shows a detailed listing of your order including the delivery charge and a grand total. There are also explanatory notes about the delivery charges on the checkout pages so I hope it is all as clear as possible.

In this case, I have cancelled your order and refunded your payment as requested and hope we may be able to help you with left-handed products at some time in the future.

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One comment on “Delivery to China
  1. Keith says:

    Sorry, we do not send out printed catalogs as they are always out of date too quick. The best thing is to have a lok around out web site for any products you want.