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Anything Left-Handed Catalogue

We know a lot of people prefer to see a “proper” catalogue rather than browsing through web pages, so we have produced a 10-page version of our catalogue that you can either flick through online like a book or you can print to see offline or pass on to other

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How to create a gift order

Choosing one of our specially designed left-handed items as a gift for family or friends will not only give them real benefits but also show you have noticed they are left-handed and thought about it enough to choose a gift that is really helpful for them.

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Payment problems and currency issues

We sometimes get questions from customers who have had a problem with getting a card payment completed on our website or have queries about currency issues – so here are the answers: Card rejected on our site because of incorrect data Our system will check that you have entered a

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Changing the contents of your shopping cart

How to change quantities or remove items from your shopping cart  

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Currency conversion and currency rates

We get a lot of emails asking us about prices for our products in various currencies so we have implemented a system that allows you to choose a currency then see our whole shop and checkout in that currency, calculated at current rates Just click on one of the flags

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Delivery to China

Q – I am very sorry to say that I saw the delivery fee after I paid for my order. Why when I have bought over 30 Pounds goods at the same time must I pay the delivery fee? Please cancel the delivery as soon as possible,thanks lot, Yours, Zhiyu,

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Q – Why do you only offer airmail for international deliveries?

I have just ordered three items from your online shop, and unlike previous orders, shipping was not free this time. Maybe the amount was not enough? Airmail should not be the only option. But now I have paid, and it will be sent that way. However, it was unexpected not

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