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Things right-handers do to annoy left-handers!

This idea came in from Barbara after reading our list of things left-handers do differently. She thought it would be a good idea to look at this from the other side and produce a list of things right-handers do that annoy us left-handers. We know they don’t do them all deliberately so this is a bit tongue-in-cheek (but they are still annoying!). Barbara wanted to start of the list with “putting the clues for crossword puzzles on the left of the diagram” and we have put that first on this new page.

We have added a few more that come to mind to us and would love to have your suggestions as we think this could be quite a long list! Please scroll down and add you own ideas as comments.

  • Putting the clues to crosswords on the left side of the diagram
  • Designing forms and multiple choice papers with the answer boxes on the right so we cover the questions with our hand while trying to write the answers and have to keep taking it away to see.
  • Plugging in and positioning kettles and other kitchen equipment so they can only be used right-handed.
  • Turning the bread round the wrong way so that we have to reverse it to cut a slice off the left end (they also use silly knives that are serrated on the left side of the blade to make it difficult for us to cut straight slices, but there is a left-handed bread knife you can replace it with to annoy THEM!).
  • Designing magazines the wrong way round so that the front page news is actually on the back page (most left-handers flick through magazines using their left thumb, so starting from the “back”).
  • When they want something signed or filled in, they position the paper angled for right handed people.
  • I find it difficult to stack the dishwasher after my right-handed family members have started to do it. They fill it from the wrong side, so when I approach with dishes in left hand they are always the wrong way round for stacking. Or maybe its just me?!
  • Most ready made garment manufacturers have product designed for the convenience of RH people as the pocket is on left side. For ease & convenience of Left Handers, shirt pocket need to be on right side.
  • Home improvement store hedge trimmer. Has the air intake on the right side so when I hold it down by my left hip to use it, it smothers it and I have to restart it.
  • Right handers change the handles of your drills and right angle grinders to suit them but don’t change the handles back when they return them.
  • The thing that really annoys me is that the iphone swipes open from left to right and there is no option for changing it to right to left!
  • Even though they remove our empty glass from the left-side of our plate, waiters always replenish our drinks by putting glass back on the right side, so we have to cross our plate (and soil our dress sleeves) to get it. I once gave a waiter a hefty tip for recognizing I was left-handed and replacing my drink on the left-side where he had removed it from.
  • I am a Registered Dental Hygienist, you can not imagine the pain and agony that being left handed has caused me, trying to squeeze into the corner beside the left side of the dental chair instead of the Right. My number one pet peeve is that there are still colleges that train only RIGHT HANDED Hygienist. Lefty,   NO PROBLEM,   learn to be right handed or do not go to school there!! How asinine is that?
  • I recently gave up a basic adults carpentry course, as the vices on the tables were all set up for right handed people and to saw properly, I would have to climb on the table. Surely there are pupils at that school who are left handed and therefore at a great disadvantage?
  • Moving my mouse to the right side of the keyboard and not returning it to the left side.
  • Telling me there is something wrong with my scissors (I use a left-handed one).
  • Banks and other teller positions have the pen with chain on the right side, and lefthanded have to reposition ourselves to use the pen. Why not put a pen on the left side so we can use the pen.
  • Putting knives and forks etc away in a drawer with handles on the right hand side.
  • Food buffets with the trays and serving utensils angled conveniently for righties…..argh.
  • When someone tells me that I am doing something backwards” when I use my left hand! My husband is one of THOSE righties who tells me that and it really annoys me!
  • Going up to a ticket barrier on the train/underground. I always hold my ticket/oyster card in my left hand, so have to cross my arm over in front of myself to tap it on the barrier to my right. And I’ve seen left handed tourists who aren’t so familiar with the ticketing system try to put their ticket in the barrier to their left, and then wonder why they can’t get through!
  • I have to open all zippers with my right hand or it would feel weird if i used my left one.
  • When our deliveries show up, we have to sign the hand held scanner. The stilus is tethered on the top at the upper right side. Leaves me with much shorter length to sign.
  • I’ve noticed that medication is always packaged so that it’s more convenient for right-handers to extract. Every time I open a packet containing tablets, I open it from the left, where the medication is always blocked by the patient information leaflet, so you have to close up the packet and open it at the other end. I now always take out the medication as soon as I receive it, turn round the patient information leaflet and insert the medication from the left side. This saves the frustration of finding I can’t get at it each time I open the packet.
  • I refuse to buy a right-handed kettle, I can’t understand why the manufactures are so rich they are able to discriminate against such a large proportion of the market – if it were to do with ‘skin colour’ it would be against the law.
  • I hate camcorders you can not hold them as straps are all ways for right handers.
  • I was at a Jamie Oliver party recently and all the ladles on sale had the spout on the wrong side. Three of us out of 8 people at the party pointed out that the rep had potentially lost 3 sales … don’t know if these things get reported back to the company though.
  • Right handers ALWAYS make their checkmarks backwards! Notice the one at the top of this page, it is the correct way.
  • My right handed wife twists twist ties in the wrong direction, so if I want a slice of bread from a bag after she’s closed it, I end up tightening it.
  • Cups with patterns on one side – either inside or outside – printed so that left handers can’t see them.
  • Expecting you to take change from them with your right hand! ugh.
  • It’s the diagrams! All the ones that are showing you how to do things – knitting, crochet, calligraphy, putting flat packs together and anything else you might like to mention. Always for right-handers – don’t they realise how many of their audience are lefties?
  • I go to a dog training club where they insist the ‘right’ way to walk a dog is to have it on your right. I feel far more comfortable and in control walking him on my left, but am constantly being ‘corrected’ Aaaarrrrggghhh!!!!

Keep them coming! –   please add you own “annoyances” as comments below.

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336 comments on “Right Annoyances
  1. Christopher Miller says:

    The writing on pens and pencils appears upside down for left-handed people when they are using them.

    Also, can openers are made for right-handed people so lefties have to hold them in an awkward way to use them.

  2. Mary Thackeray says:

    The card slot on cash machines is always on the right, so when inserting my bank card I have to move to the right of the machine, which isn’t very secure.
    When making contactless payments the machine is always set at an angle for right handers, so I have to turn my hand at an awkward angle to pay.

  3. Sarah says:

    My bank used to produce left handed cheque books, when I asked for a replacement the teller thought I was joking! Now my cheques are torn at the corners again…

  4. Gordon Angus Wimblehurst says:

    Button-fly jeans are somewhere on the scale between “not user friendly” and “impossible” for left handers!