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Famous left-handers – Professions

If you are left-handed then you are in very good company. Throughout history left-handers have excelled as leaders, sportsmen, artists, musicians and in many other fields. This is our list of famous left-handers in various professions.

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The list is based on our research and reports from Club members, but we know we are not perfect. If you spot any errors in our list, can provide any further information or have any famous left-handers we should add to our list, please add your information as comments to these pages.


Professions – Astronauts
Name Nationality Description DOB
Aldrin, Edwin (Buzz) USA Astronaut 20-Jan-1930
Lovell, Jim USA (OH) Astronaut 25-Mar-1928
Schirra, Wally USA (NJ) Astronaut 12-Mar-1923
Professions – Business
Name Nationality Description DOB
Ford Jr., Henry (Decd) USA Businessman 4-Sep-1917
Gates, Bill President of Microsoft 28-Oct-1955
Gerstner, Lou CEO of IBM
Maples, Marla Wife of Donald Trump
Rockefeller, John D. USA (NY) Businessman 08-Jul-1839
Rockefeller, David USA Banker
Staudacker, Jim Engineer
Professions – Doctors
Name Nationality Description DOB
Davis, Alan Mayon UK Contributes to “Health Advice” in the magazine “Woman
Silver, Dr.Mark Surgeon 26-Jan
Professions – Explorers
Name Nationality Description DOB
Ballard, Bob USA (CA) Explorer
Professions – Inventors
Name Nationality Description DOB
Ford, Henry USA Car Manufacturer 30-July-1863
Olds, R.E. Founder of Oldsmoblile
Professions – Lawyers
Name Nationality Description DOB
Bailey, F. Lee USA Lawyer 10-Jun-1933
Belli, Melvin USA (CA) Lawyer 29-Jun-1907
Clark, Marcia USA (CA) Lawyer
Darrow, Clarence USA Lawyer 18-Apl-1857
Harman, Rocky Lawyer
Hennigan, J Michael Lawyer
Kennedy, Jr., John F. USA (WA) Lawyer/Publisher 25-Nov-1960
Professions – Scientists
Name Nationality Description DOB
Curie, Marie Polish Scientist 7-Nov-1867
d’Oresme, Nicole Mathematician
Einstein, Albert German Professor of Physics 14-Mar-1879
Pauling, Linus Scientist
Pawlow, Iwan Scientist
Piccard, August Inventor of Bathosphere & Strasthosphere
Pierce, Keith Solar Scientist
Schweitzer, Dr.Albert French French Physician/Missionary 14-Jan-1875
Tippler, Frank J Physicist
Turing, Alan UK Founder of Computer Science 23-Jun-1912
Vliet, Kent Scientist
von Helmholtz, Hermann Scientist
Weiss, Daniel Professor of Psychology
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10 comments on “Professions
  1. Nostradamus says:

    Add Nikola Tesla and Steve Jobs.

  2. A says:

    When I was in the UK army during my training I was siting in the mess hall eating and I just looked around I was like hey another left hander opposite me, then next to him and onwards there was a full table of us all lefties about 10. this was 2 0years ago and since i haven never had an experience like it.

    Also both of us are left handed but our children are both right. SO two lefts make a right lol

  3. ed says:

    Are there no women who are famous who are left handed ?

  4. Linda Hileman says:

    A few years ago, I was in a group of 30 master’s level counselors and theater people. More than 1/2 of us were left handed! I found that very interesting. I have noticed that many actors are left handed. Also, many politicians- of the 12 presidents since Harry Truman, SIX were left handed! (although Ronald Reagan wrote right handed, he said that he was “switched” when he was young).

    • Solomon Mugagga says:

      I have found that most lefties enjoy their freedom of work in the acting profession. A good number in the business arena and others in art.

  5. Mike says:

    You have a list of people that aren’t left handed but people thought were left handed yet….you leave those right handed people in your list of left handers…many of the people in your criminal left hander list are duplicates..It would be like having me in a list based on my legal name and every slang name people call me

  6. Jonathan Roberts says:

    Einstein wasn’t left handed, he wrote with his right hand and many experts conclude he was totally right handed.

  7. Janet Mulley says:

    As a local JP I have noticed that half of our Legal Advisors are left handed. Like architects where many are also left handed, there must be something on the creative side of their brain which helps them to excel in their profession.

  8. Frank says:

    Physicsist Nikola Tesla was left handed.