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Backwards watch not starting

QuestionI purchased the watch. It is not ticking, and when I try to wind it it does nothing. I tried to take off the back to see if it needed a battery and I could not get the back off. Please advise.

Answer – Our watches are despatched with the adjusting knob pulled out.   That stops the mechanism so you can adjust the time and also disconnects the battery so it doe not run down in storage and delivery.     Some models have a small plastic spacer inserted to keep the knob pulled out.

You can just pull out the spacer, set the time and push the knob back in to start the watch.   The knob is only for adjusting the time – the watch is battery powered and does not need winding.   When the battery does need changing, the back of the watch does pop off but is probably best to take it to a local jeweller or watch shop to do it for you.

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