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Backwards fonts and backwards typing

Typing backwardsWe recently received an email asking if we could produce a “backwards” font in English to allow people to type from right to left for a bit of fun and because it seems like a thing that left-handers can do.  We are not technical experts but we did look into this and have a play.  A quick bit of research shows that there are already a number of fonts that allow you to do this. e.g. here

We installed the “Backwards” font on our PC and it allows you to either:

Backwards font text

Though you do have to work out all the letters and type them in reverse sequence, which is surprisingly hard!

And of course it will only work on your local computer in software that can make use of the new font you have installed (e.g. MS Word).  You can’t do it on a web page (unless maybe the person viewing the page also has the Backwards font and has installed it for use in their web browser, not even really sure then?).

So I cheated with the backwards text above by creating it in Word and then doing a screen capture to show it on this page as an image.

But it was fun so maybe give it a go!

A better solution, but not actually a “font”?

We also found an easier way of achieving the same thing, using the tool at

That allows you to type normally then choose the effect you want – backwards, upside down or both, and then it creates the output for you. The output also seems to work on this web page without converting it to an image!

˙pɐǝɹ oʇ ʎsɐǝ ʎlƃuᴉsᴉɹdɹns sǝɯoɔǝq ʇɐɥʇ sɐ uʍop ǝpᴉsdn pN∀ spɹɐʍʞɔɐq ɥʇoq op oʇ ƃuᴉʇsǝɹǝʇuᴉ ʎɹǝʌ sᴉ ʇI

Or is that just a left-handed thing?

The output is also provided in “unicode” so you can use it in any place that can interpret that, like on a web page?

If you know more about this or have any interesting uses for backwards fonts or backwards typing, please add your thoughts in the comments below 🙂

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16 comments on “Backwards fonts and backwards typing
  1. abby says:

    This would be great for visual merchandisers and set display! if you have ever tried to paint words on store windows, as a left hander, you know what I mean. You have to start from the right as not to smear, but you are painting the words backwords! THis could provide good ” stencils” for us creatives….

  2. Donna Stillwagon says:

    This is so great! Lefties like me are going to love this. A lot will depend on prices for me. Have you thought of a payment plan? Of course I don’t know what the prices will be yet I most certainly would buy one if I can afford it. Your company certainly has done research on the different ways lefties write backwards. Sixty years the idea was to far fetched to even think about. Then just getting a desk that worked for a left handed was next to impossible.

  3. Jennie H says:

    Thanks for the great advice about backwards fonts. I will have that on my to do list- learn how to make a useable backwards font. I have found the best way to “Type” backwards using this font is type 1 handedly with the other hand on the backspace. You can get quite quick, although obviously not as quick as typing for real.
    Maybe we ought to start a revolution!

  4. Elizabeth S says:

    It’s a left handed thing I’ve been doing since childhood. When I became a teacher I’d do it on the blackboard. It was a tremendous attention getter. silenced the room immediately

  5. Eddie Johnson says:

    I have found the following procedure useful in generating mirror text. It prevents you from having to enter the test in reverse order.
    Go to:
    Type text in, select it and hit “Reverse” at the top. Put the result into the clipboard and paste into:
    Select the text and hit “Reverse Text” at the top.
    The reason you use the 1st tool is because the 2nd tool reverses not only the text order but the line order as well (the whole process results in a double line reversal restoring the intended line order).
    Put the text from the 2nd tool into the clipboard and paste it into Word; then select the backward font (from the 1st link in the article) that I am presuming you have installed. You can right justify the text in word if you want. Then, of course, you can do what you want with the mirror text. Thank you.

  6. Keith says:

    I only wrote this as a bit of fun! There is no suggestion that people have problems with normal typing or should start typing their normal documents backwards 🙂

  7. Kevin says:

    I often write free hand, backwards, joined up, as this entertains my children. The only way they can read what I’ve written, is to hold it in front of a mirror. This, cruel as it may seem to some, I find very amusing.

    So, to see your article re: upside down writing, and how very easy I found it to read, just might get me sending posts on my Facebook in this manner just to confirm to those who know me as weird and strange.

  8. W. Douglas Halsted says:

    This is great, BUT I want not only the order of letters to go backward, but also the letters themselves, so, for example, a p should look like a q, and a b should look like a d, etc. Do you have any such font or way to make a font do this as well as run backward? Please reply to Thank you.
    W. Douglas Halsted, III

  9. Roy says:

    I’m not left handed as such (having been forced to use my left far more than right due to a serious injury) but I found it really easy to read, this might actually be due to my dyslexia or maybe years working in an office environment where it paid to be able to read what was on the boss’s desk 🙂
    Good piece thanks.

  10. Christa H. says:

    The article didn’t say anyone “had any problems”; and if they did, I don’t see how something like a backwards font would be useful. It’s clearly just for fun.

  11. Shay says:

    Yes that seems very Interesting when u think about it I am left handed myself and when u want to do something for the fun of it that is something u can do to keep ur mind occupied it really is. I would have never thought of that to be honest with u I guess there is a lot of things left handers can do when u think about it. or for the fun of it.
    AH AH

  12. Dr Billy Levin says:

    There is a tendency not a rule.

  13. Dr Billy Levin says:

    ADHD is a genetically inherited neurological dysfunction. The right brain is usuALLY DOMINANT instead of the left. With left brain dominant the natural tendency is to write from left to right. With ADHD and a dominant right brain the tendency is to write from right to left.

  14. Jennie says:

    Fab, although not quite the plan. The backwards isn’t backwards as the letters are the correct way around (I think) and it is just right to left. The upside down is good, and although I write like this when I’ve a group of school children on the desk below, I can’t see why I’d want it on a computer. You are absolutely right upside down and back to front is dead easy to read. Thanks for this.

  15. Ken Johnson says:

    As some colleagues of mine discovered when they were working on a website in Arabic, right to left fonts need special widgets to make them easy to use. In particular, scroll bars should be on the left hand side of the text, and pictures illustrating the text should be on the right.

    There’s a super font on Fontspace called Leonardo’s Mirror Writing. Upper case only, unfortunately, but it looks amazing.