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Hand held scanners

Evelyn mentioned that her local superstore (like numerous others) had closed many of their tills to “encourage” customers to use self service tills – but that their trolleys are set up for right handers as the hand held scanner holders are on the right. Leaving aside the question as to

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Left-Handed Garden Pruners / Secateurs

Left-Handed Secateurs / Pruners need to work in the same way as left-handed scissors and have the blades reversed so the top cutting blade is on the left and you can see exactly where you are cutting and also get a clean cut using them in your left hand. Without

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Left-handed items jigsaw puzzle

Are you good at doing puzzles?   We have been doing some jigsaw puzzles at home during the lockdown here in the UK and it seems like a lot of other people are as well. That got me thinking… I have always seemed to be good at doing puzzles and

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Left-handed DNA found

– and it changes your brain structure! Researchers have studied the full DNA sequences of 38,000 left-handers from a total of 400,000 people on the UK Biobank records to see if they could spot any consistent differences related to their left-handedness.   They found four “hotspots” where there seemed to

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Left-Handed April Fool Jokes 2019

April Fools’ Day is an annual celebration in the U.K, Europe and some other western countries commemorated on 1st April each year by playing practical jokes and spreading hoaxes.  The theme of left-handedness has been incorporated into this by some companies in recent years, based on promoting a “left-handed” version

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Left-handers in Asia

We often get messages from club members around the world telling us about their experiences and how left-handers are treated in their country. We were recently shown an article about how left-handedness is seen in Asian countries and how it is largely suppressed in a lot of places. In South

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Do you hang your clothes left-handed?

There are all sorts of things that we do “our” way without realising that it is different. Someone pointed out to me recently that all the clothes in my wardrobe were hanging the “wrong” way (a right-hander of course), but I had never really thought about it. All my shirts

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How do you write a letter X?

Lefthanders form some letters in a different direction to right-handers because it is easier to move the pen left-handed in an anti-clockwise or right-to-left motion – it gives a smoother flow and minimises scratching and digging-in of the tip. It is also easier to draw lines towards you rather than

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Anything Left-Handed Catalogue

We know a lot of people prefer to see a “proper” catalogue rather than browsing through web pages, so we have produced a 10-page version of our catalogue that you can either flick through online like a book or you can print to see offline or pass on to other

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Left-handed EASYgraph pencils from Stabilo

We like Stabilo in Germany because they often consider us left-handers when creating their wide range of writing products and have a history of producing special left-handed versions.   We have produced our own Left-Handed Pencils for many years, with our slogan “It’s a left-handed thing….you wouldn’t understand”, printed so

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