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Q – Why do you only offer airmail for international deliveries?

I have just ordered three items from your online shop, and unlike previous orders, shipping was not free this time. Maybe the amount was not enough? Airmail should not be the only option.

But now I have paid, and it will be sent that way. However, it was unexpected not to have an option.

A – We used to do free delivery on items over a certain value but for overseas orders where the costs have kept rising we just cannot do it anymore.

We send all orders by airmail so people get their goods fast.   The only other option would be to send them by surface mail which could take weeks to deliver and would not save a lot on the costs anyway.   The additional costs of us separating orders into different batches and labelling and sending them by different methods as well as almost certainly an increased level of customers complaining that their order had not been delivered would mean this is not viable.

Our charges are in line with other internet shops and we try to keep them as low as possible, but we do need to provide a satisfactory delivery time  to our customers and also cover the costs we are incurring to make it viable.

I hope that explains why we only have the airmail option.

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