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What Left-Handers Want for Christmas

Left handed gift ideasIf you are looking for the perfect gift for a left-hander this Christmas, can offer you inspiration.   They have compiled a list of the most popular gifts requested by lefties at Christmas, and not surprisingly, a decent pen that solves the problems of writing left-handed tops the list.

The items most left-handers want in their Christmas stocking are:

  1. Non-smudge Pens. With their hand following behind the pen as they write and draw, it’s no wonder left-handers’ masterpieces often end up a smudged mess!   With nibs that fow freely whe pushed with the left hand and fast drying ink, the range of left-handed cartridge pens and non-smudge rollerballs is a huge hit with left-handers of all ages.
  2. Left-handed Scissors.   With the blades reversed as well as the handles, truly left-handed scissors can be hard to find, but heaven to cut with as they follow the cutting line without tearing, and without having to squeeze the handles together so hard you bruise your thumb knuckle.   Manicure, kitchen and desk scissors are the most popular.
  3. Stationery Sets. Popular with children who love the idea of a pencil case full of tools that actually work.   Gift sets of stationery items that can include pens that don’t scratch or smudge, rulers they can read right to left, pencil sharpeners that rotate the correct way and scissors that cut properly make a perfect gift for little lefties.
  4. Left handed gift ideasLeft handed Essentials Sets. A range of selections of the most popular left-handed products packed into a sturdy zip seal bag with full descriptions of all the items.   A ready-made present and at a discount to the individual product prices.
  5. Left handed corkscrews. With an anti-clockwise action so lefthanders can open bottles without fuss (and great to leave around to confuse right-handers).

Other items on the top 10 list are:  

6. Bread Knife serrated on the right of the blade so it cuts clean and straight in the left hand
7. Left-handed Playing Cards, marked in all four corners so everyone can  see what they have got
8. Children’s writing aids like pencil grips, the Handiwriter wrist strap and the writing guide mat are low cost gifts that will make a real practical difference to children.

All of these   items and a lot more are available for delivery worldwide from or tel: 01737 888269 (UK) .   The site also features videos on a lot of the items showing what makes them left-handed and how they benefit left-handers.

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For further information, interviews or product images please contact:     Keith Milsom
Email: keith (at)

Post:   Anything Left-Handed Ltd, PO Box 3149, Coulsdon, CR5 9EG

Notes to Editors :

  • Anything Left-Handed provides left-handed products worldwide, through its website      It has been the leading supplier of left-handed products worldwide since it opened its original shop in London’s Soho in 1967. The award-winning website is also a huge source of advice and information on all topics relating to left-handedness and helping left-handed children.
  • The company is owned by the Milsom family, who have been involved in the business for the last 30 years.   The directors of the company, Keith and Lauren Milsom, are both left-handed as are all the staff. They also run the Left-Handers Club and newsletter which is free to join from the ALH website.
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