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6 Things Left-Handers Really Should Know

We have produced a short report based on feedback from the 140,000 members of our Left-Handers Club that gives you fast access to the most important content across the thousands of pages on our websites.  It includes:

  • The results of our huge survey on left-handedness
  • Resources for left-handed children (and their parents and teachers)
  • What it is that makes some products left-handed and why they work better for us
  • Our page of “Is it me?” things that seem to be different for us left-handers
  • How language discriminates against left-handers

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6 Things you should know

If you are already a Club member and just want the “6 Things” report,
Click here to download it.

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6 comments on “6 Things Left-Handers Really Should Know
  1. June says:

    I use a right-handed can opener, just turn it around so handles are facing away from me and turn it with my left hand, works good!

  2. Gaye says:

    I have never minded being a lefty. I eat with my left hand, holding the fork left and switching over to right for using a knife left. I drink with my right largely because my Mom encouraged me to do this. I use scissors with my right hand, but I write with my left. I have always had a right slant when I write, but as I age, I find it less tiring to slant left or print instead. I use a mouse with my right hand, and swing a baseball bat left.

  3. Angela says:

    I use my left hand for virtually everything else, but I always find it easier to use scissors with my right hand. It’s the only thing I struggle to do with my left hand. Also, I can use a computer mouse with my left hand, but I find it easier with my right hand. Or is it just me being awkward?

  4. Lesley Jarutis says:

    I am a 72 y.o. Leftie. I’ve never had any trouble with being that way. I taught myself to use a knife in my right hand and a fork in my left. It was my choice. The thing that confuses me is the spoon and fork. i can use either hand, but I have trouble with knives and scissors. Can only use them in my left hand.

    love getting the news about lefties.

  5. Teri Isaac says:

    I love being left handed. However when I was a child (in the 60s), my teacher would hit me on the knuckles with a ruler and tell me to use my right hand. When I was visiting my grandmother, she wouldn’t allow me to sit at the dinner table unless I used my right hand to eat. I adapted to use my right hand for several things but my left hand is very dominant.

    • Al Manfred says:

      Ouch ..! Been a lefty for 72 years.Never had any problems. My writing slants like a right handers and no smearing. Never had any issues really..Guess I am lucky